The new report indicates that Kazuki Takahashi died while trying to save his life

The new report revealed additional events related to the death of Mangaki Kazuki Takuhashi, known for YU-Gi-Oh!Manga series.Report prepared by the publication of the US Department of Defense

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, he notes that Takahashi died trying to save other people from drowning.

In the Stripes report, Major Robert Bourgeau from the 10th Support Group at the Torii station in Jomitan, describes how he saved a few students in the Mermaid Grotka in ONA in Okinawa.Later he noticed that Takahashi jumped to help in a rescue operation, although he did not fully see him during this attempt.

Witnesses say they saw the flashes of Takahashi, who was overwhelmed by sea waves, and finally disappeared from view.Later reports of the Japanese Coast Guard confirm that Takuhashi was found 1000 feet from the shore in Awa, naked City.His loaned car was in the mermaid cave.

“He is a hero.He died, trying to save someone else, “said Bourgeau.In a later statement provided by the American army, he added: “It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do, I let [man] go so that I could save myself.”

Kazuki Takuhashi was confirmed dead by the authorities on July 7 this year, as we informed earlier.Reports from NHK indicate that he was found in snorkeling equipment when he was seen at sea in AWA.He died at the age of 60.

He was born on October 4, 1963 and released the popular Mang Shonen Yu-Gi-Oh series!In the weekly Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1996, which ended in 2004 with 38 volumes.The series inspired the adaptations of anime and yu-gi-oh!Go rush !!He has been broadcasting since April 2022.Konami develops and publishes popular yu-gi-oh!Collector’s card game.


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