The new special promotion My Hero Acadekaren presents a 1-A class journey

My hero acadekaren class 1-a and all might.Photo source: My Hero Acadekaren

Young heroes My Hero Acadekaren from class 1-A have traveled a long way both in the adaptations of the Manga and Anime series, and a special new promotion commemorates how much they have matured in all this time!

Because Manga My Hero Acadekaren Kohei Horikoshi ends relatively quickly, and the Anime series My Hero Acadekaren from the 6th season sends young heroes through huge battles with the characters, each of the students was tested in a way he probably never thought, when for the first timeThey enrolled in school a year ago.At the same time, they stood up to the challenge.

New promotion My Hero Acadekaren

Volume 36

The English series My Hero Acadekaren has recently been released and includes some of the first critical moments of the last fight between the villains and heroes.This is a testimony of how much the composition of class 1 has been adopted from the beginning, and a special new promotion of the series emphasizing each character in a new, funny way is an example.

Check below a special promotion of class 1-a My Hero Acadekaren:

【公式 『僕 僕 の ヒーロー アカデミア』 』』 』』 』1-A PV 【最新 36 巻 発売 記念 ※ ネタバレ 注意】】

Watch this movie on YouTube My Hero Acade Karen of the new 1-A promotion

If you want to see more 1-class students in action, there will be a lot of opportunities to do it outside the manga, because season 6 My Hero Acadekaren starts with new episodes.The series (together with the first five seasons) is now available at Crunchyroll.

What are the high -class nomus in My Hero Acadekaren Season 6?

Nomus are synthetic creatures by Dr. Kyudai Garaki from Paranormal Liberation Front.They have superhuman strength and unique regenerative abilities, which makes them the perfect weapon of mass destruction.In fact, during the debut of the series, All Might is forced to free his full power – although in a weakened form – to beat one nom.The biggest of Nomu is debuting now.

More resistant threat

Hood is the first high-end nomu that appeared in the series, and there is a noma whose Endeavour narrowly defeated with the help of other heroes.More of these high-ends debuted in My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 2. When Mirko intended to attack and arrest Dr. Garaki, Nomu named Mocha came to him.Dr. Garaki took the opportunity to release High-End Nomus, which he developed.Mirko challenged them to a duel, and even defeated one, but also lost her hand during surgery, demonstrating the terrifying combat efficiency of the high -end nomus.

High -class Nomus is already much stronger than typical human and have various quirks.On the other hand, high-ends outweigh this power level.What’s more, these Nomus retained part of the intellect of their old self.For this reason, Dr. Garaki chose the corpse of extremely brutal villains as the basics of these high-end nomus.

Because they were high -quality productions, the whole procedure was often longer than usual.It takes months to stabilize quirks.As a result, mass production turned out to be impossible.As powerful as these nomus, they had a defect in relation to other nomus: if their brain is destroyed, they die.

High-end Nomus is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in My Hero Acadekaren.After all, these abominations have superhuman power and many peculiarities.Fortunately, they have a high price.High-end Nomus requires the bodies of the most hideous villains.Due to the time needed to produce one copy, mass production is also almost impossible.Nevertheless, these efforts are worth the West, because one of them can surpass the best hero.

What are your thoughts on previous 1-A progress in the series?What do you think about the new special promotion My Hero Acadekaren for class 1-A?Let us know what you think about it in the comments!