The other side is missing: k-drama à la ghost whisperer (Netflix)?

After the arrival of small women, the time has come

Missing: The Other Side, which will appear

in the catalog of the American company.The new South Korean literature invites us to follow the adventures of Kim Wook, a cheater who is accustomed to earning money to abuse the kindness of people who are unlucky to stand in his way.

When our hero arrives in a small village, where he looks for his next victim, something is wrong, as if this place was haunted by several ghosts.Kim Wook then goes to a meeting with Jang Pan Seok, who is actively looking for missing people.Together they will try to understand what happened in this mysterious village.

Missing the Other Side: Discover the trailer

The first season of Missing The Other Side consists of twelve episodes

with a fairly long format (about an hour).The series was highly rated by South Korean viewers because it received an average rating of 9.6/10 (8,500 votes) for

Viki website

, which is a free streaming platform for watching Asian films and series for free!

The Missing The Other Side Trailer

It shows a rather dark atmosphere, but there are many comic scenes, in particular thanks to Lee Jong Ah, a young hacker who especially appreciates Kim Wook.The latter will help our heroes explain the mystery of the death of all these people.

Who appears in the cast of Missing the Other Side on Netflix?

Kim Wook will be incorporated by KO SOO (Money Game, Heart Surgeons), Jang Pan Seok (Innocence, Man of Men) by Heo Jun-Ho and Lee Jong Ah (Thirty Nine, Surroundings) by Ahn So-Hee.The fourth main character will join our heroes, he is a police inspector desperately looking for his wife and played by ha-joon (Insider, crazy love).

What is the release date of Missing The Other Side on Netflix?

The first season was broadcast two years ago in South Korea, but the streaming platform with a red logo has just acquired rights.Meaning that

The release date of Missing The Other Side is set for Wednesday, October 12, 2022 on Netflix

.Season 2 is currently broadcast and will probably start within a few months …

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