The premiere disaster of Cyberpunk 2077 is worse than you think

Can huge failures in the Cyberpunk 2077 release can only be assigned CD Projekt RED?Not.Apparently, new details about the responsibility of the QA studio leaked.

This summer, the YouTube channel returned to the catastrophic premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 with confidential information.If CD Projekt RED has its share in responsibility, the quality company company has been accused of a large participation in sinking.And of course it goes much further than what we could read earlier.

This is a studio that destroyed Cyberpunk 2077 so much

It’s thanks to the new survey

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when we return to the turbulent development of Cyberpunk 2077. A project on a colossal scale that would be partly sabotaged by Quantic Lab, a company responsible for removing errors and ensuring the stability of the game that would have greater eyes than the stomach.

Things would deteriorate in Quantic Lab when the company accepted two contracts in parallel: CP2077 and NBA 2K21 contract, for which testers were not even recognized.Only that the problem is that he did not have the necessary ability to simultaneously implement such projects.At the beginning of development, only 10 people would have experience in providing quality.And even for them their experience would not exceed over a year.It would even be one of the main lies that Quantic Lab said CD Projekt Red so as not to be on the offside.

Covid-19 and difficult exchanges with the leadership of the Polish studio would lead to the application.A former Quantic Lab employee does not deny the involvement of his former box, and even emphasizes that a more organized team would cause less interest to CDPR.

And he will not blame Cyberpunk 2077 on Quantic.CD Projekt Red has released this damn game anyway.

But Quantic has contributed to the fact that the game was in this state


The art of lying …

Another employee insists a quantum laboratory for many lies, which A Priori would make this art.He explains that a widespread lie about the size and experience of teams was a common practice.

I was the main tester of contact with the client and I had to do it, lie about the size of our team.I did it dozens of fucking times.

But it goes on.Testers, regardless of the CV, had to report their mistakes in Jira Software software, even if it meant the use of other employees’ profiles.Indeed, employees would be forced to connect with the accounts of former colleagues, sick people or participating in other projects to give the illusion that everything is going well with strong teams.

… and kill your employees

The work of the QA tester is not the most satisfying and satisfying, but in Quantic Lab it seemed to be at a different level again.Managers would have the habit of scolding employees and even insult them for a stunning salary of 300 euros a month or 680 euros for the main tester.The amount is considered too low to live in Romania, where Quantic Lab is located.

In addition to the warning and insults, the deficiency of staff was apparently a habit in the case of small projects, killing employees at work for a modest financial compensation.

In smaller projects you were lucky to have at least half of the testers.It often happened that whole projects were served by one person when, in addition to the main tester, two to three testers were needed.Some leading testers were responsible for two or three projects at once, with less testers to each of them than necessary.

Quantic Lab would also have nothing to do with Pandemia, forcing employees at the bottom of the ladder to go to work, packed like sardines without the possibility of using social distance.Directors would have a good life at home … All these points would arouse disgust in video game employees and we imagine that he is not the only one.For its part, Quantic Lab blamed other companies without mentioning their names.

A new beginning

If all this had catastrophic consequences for CD Projekt RED, there was also the effect of power upgrade.Cyberpunk 2077 finally emerged from the water and makes a spectacular return.The creators promise that they will not make the same mistakes again to deliver Cyberpunk 2, which “ripped”.It is also said that in 2021 the Polish studio would not renew cooperation with Quantic Lab.