The premiere of the Blue Lock series left much to be desired

On Saturday, the premiere of the Blue Lock series was broadcast and she definitely left me mixed feelings.Some good feelings, some bad feelings and some feelings like “I have definitely seen it”.Let’s think about why the premiere of the long -awaited Blue Lock series was one of the more dubious premieres of the anime this season.

Premiere of the Blue Lock series – Okay

It cannot be denied that one thing that stands out for manga readers is the graphics and the intensity it brings.And the premiere of the series did a fantastic job, also sticking to manga graphics.Close -ups seemed intense and were not abused, as opposed to what we saw constantly in the 4th season of Danmachi from the Anime Summer 2022 season. Some characters are already extremely interesting.Great guys are polite until you give them a reason not to do it.And some side characters bring an additional portion of emotions you need, so the whole series is not based only on how the main character behaves, especially when one of them, Meguru Bachira, is an almost splash image of happiness from black clover.

Blue Lock © Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha/Committee for production “Blue Lock”

Black Clover © Hiroki Tabata/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Black Clover Production Committee

The animation should also be appreciated.Although during the premiere of the series it did not happen that Sakugi enthusiasts would lose their minds, which is usually the case with the prime minister, because these are episodes more based on the story, it cannot be denied that part of the camera work and composing at the end of the episode was impressive.And the opening shown at the end of the episode is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve seen in the whole season.However, despite the great graphic design, creative use of 3D space in a wide arena and an intensive ending, which can give the chills of every viewer, there are still a few things that irritated me in connection with the premiere of the series.

The premiere of the Blue Lock series – disappointment

I understand that I have to move away from a typical sports style of anime involving following the main character who chases his dreams and does it with his teammates.But this does not make Blue Lock more unique than others, although he tries to make egoism with his main point, approaching it in the game of death, in the style of the royal battle.Eijun Sawamura from Ace of the Diamond was completely egocentric at the beginning.Like Yoichi Isagi from Blue Lock, despite the fact that he was good for his teammates, Sawamura believed that he should be an ace he reached as soon as he had reached.And instead of Isagi, who actually respects other players his age, Sawamura had no idea about other amazing brooms from all over Japan and from the very beginning he decided that he was the best.

But my problem is not that Isagi is an egoist in his core, but on the fact that at the end of the episode he automatically moved the switch to become it, while Sawamura has properly developed and was humble many times to lower his ego.But Isagi had one emotional breakdown during the premiere and now he thinks: “It’s about me.I will crush everyone who stands in my way.This is the path of a real striker.Then one guy he looked like, Kira Ryosuke, who was his only “friend” in the episode, Isagi betrayed him right behind the gate, even though he called Ego Jinpachi (the one responsible for Blue Lock) “crazy” and saying “what he saysThis man is probably bad “just a moment earlier.

This made Isagi’s egoism at the end seemed superficial and I could not take him seriously, especially from his “betrayal” Ryosuke was also powered by Bachira’s help.Not to mention that this is a very rapid development of only one episode and leaves me the impression that Isagi’s decision is absolutely false.In a few words spoken by Jinpachi Isagi, he moved from “this man is crazy” to “he has all the meaning in the world!”

When developing an exhibition for history, it is best to show the main character a clear goal, regardless of whether he is good or bad, selfish or selfless, instead of calling him to question what he wants to get at the very beginning, unless it is some kind of romantic comedy or fellinga series of life.Do not balance and let me wonder who this main character is at the beginning of the story.At the beginning, Isagi completely disagreed with Jinpachi, but then he agreed.Then the first “game” began, and he thought that it was madness (again), then he decided to go to the full mandorian and have a mentality “in this way”, becoming the best attacker and eliminating everyone needed, regardless ofall.But if you like it in the main heroine, Isagi is perfect for you.

I also understand the point of view that the psychological aspect of the series and the transformation of one of them into the best striker in the world who can lead Japan to victory in the world championships is crucial.But after watching the premiere of the series, I hope that none of them can do.Even the biggest ego in sport still attribute to their teammates to some extent.And the use of Noel Noa as an egoistic example to defeat Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo is in itself funny, taking into account that Noa is not a real person and was created to strengthen the temptation of being an egoistic attacker.

If you intend to mention real players in the episode, enter another real player into the argument. Do not compare some characters from the series with real ones, and then quote other real players. Noel Noa is modeled on Robert Lewandowski (FC Barcelona striker), so why not make Lewandowski the best example? Having a football anime, in which the idea is to become the main egocentric striker, which is focused only on the basis of Jinpachi’s “party making decisions”, needed to help Japan in winning the World Cup, seems ridiculous in the long run due to history . “The goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible.” Yes, I’m not kidding. Same with every other sport. “The team wins with the largest number of goals” is not a breakthrough discovery, and every sport has players who contribute to this more than others. All this makes us feel like a social experiment about something that is already obvious, not a real sports history with a respectable end goal. Again, it’s only from watching the first episode. So of course, all this can go differently.

“I’ve seen it already”

The only thing that passed my head all this time was similar to the hit series Netflix Squid Game or any anime about death you really watched.The similarities are amazing and differ from something that was supposed to be a new, fresh series.In Blue Lock, everyone is invited to participate in a social experiment or “game”, as they would call it, just like in Squid.When everyone is at the start gate, the moderator greets them and tells them about what will happen, and they have the chance to accept the conditions or return home, just like in Squid.

But instead of a pile of money, an appeal in Blue Lock is the fight for a guaranteed place in the Japan national team.If someone takes part in the Squid game and fails, he will die.But instead of dying in Blue Lock, their chance to play in the national team is guaranteed 0%.They both hang a great goal over the heads of the players to convince them that they have to take part (Squid Game – players struggling with serious debts, need money, Blue Lock – teenagers facing a little chance to fulfill their dream of playing the world championship).Of course, there are differences when it comes to living conditions and everything, which I admit that it is nice to see.They do not live in some piggery.Blue Lock is the most modern object, even if it looks like an overgrown police academy from the outside.

As for similarities, like Squid game, Blue Lock focuses on the selfish nature of people and mutual lengths will go to save themselves.But the huge difference between them is that the main character of Squid, Seong Gi-Hun, was selfless in the heart, but he had to make selfish decisions, and also had great remorse for them.He made you feel compassion all the time, because if you are not a sociopath, it speaks to the remorse of most of us.The series did a great job, actually showing who he is as a person.However, Isagi is now suddenly a cold killer (not literally) and in some respect it is fine, but it still seemed superficial, as I mentioned earlier, and I could not take him seriously, just like Bachira.

So if it is so, I want him to become the most egoistic striker, whom he thinks he can be in the heart, or prove that he can become the best striker in the country and lead Japan to the World Cup, being still the guy who admirestheir teammates and other great players.For me it’s a simple matter: “Ok, have you crushed one ant or now you will drown the whole colony with water?”

Summary of the premiere of the Blue Lock season

All in all, it is difficult to sit here and say I liked the premiere of the Blue Lock series, like most people.I feel that there are many other series that for many reasons had a better first show this season than Blue Lock, including Golden Kamuy Season 4, My Hero Acadekaren Season 6, Bocchi The Rock and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.I am not disturbed by a different approach to sport and the genre itself, but I felt as if I was watching the psychological anime with football thrown into the middle, not the other way around – and this is a very strange mix of first place.

The idea has its own charm and I understand why so many people were excited about it, but I think that the performance is extremely difficult to treat seriously both as a fan of anime and sport.I hope that I will have several characters behind whom I will support to become another great attacker.However, in the sample in which the ego is fought, and the goal is to literally make players even more egocentric, make them become the best attacker, which may become out of time and leaves little space for something exciting, more surprising, more surprisingIt happened, especially since in the premiere of the season we removed the first “treason”.But instead of telling Isagi, walking back between egocentrism and sympathy throughout the story, I would prefer that indecision remain at the door, through which he decided to go first.

Episode 1: 6/10 rating

Episode 2 Blue Lock will be broadcast on Saturday, October 15 on the Crunchyroll channel.If you liked the premiere of the Blue Lock series, vote for it in our weekly vote!

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© Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha/Committee on production “Blue Lock”