The premiere of the second season of the Anime D4DJ All Mix in January 2023.

Cast, returning cast, revealed staff

The official website of the D4DJ series revealed on Monday that the second season of the Anime D4DJ All Mix will premiere in January 2023. The website also presents a visual and recurring cast and staff members.

In the season, all six units from the universe will appear, including Lyrical Lily.The cast members return from the previous season.Maiko Irie replaces the Shizaki canon as the character of Rei Togetsu in the series.

The director of D4DJ First Mix Seiji Mizushima is now the main director of the D4DJ All Mix at Sanzigen Animation Studio, and Daisuke Suzuki manages.GO ZAPPA returns to deal with the composition of the series.Ryƍhei Sataka (Pucchimiku D4DJ Petit Mix) is working on music.

D4DJ First Mix, the main television anime from the series, premiered in Japan in October 2020.The version of the English Dubbing series premiered on YouTube in January 2021.

Anime streams to Funiantion, Anima Asia, Crunchyroll, Hidive, YouTube, Anime Network, Animelab (Australia and New Zealand), Wakanim (Europe), Aniplus-Asia (Southeastern Asia), Bahamut Animation Madness (Taiwan), FridayVideo (Taiwan), KKTV (Taiwan), Myvideo (Taiwan), Hami Video (Taiwan), Chunghwa Telecom mod (Taiwan) and Flixer.

Follow Bang Dream!I Revue Starlight, D4DJ is a DJ Bushiroad project on mixed themes.The project includes the performances of DJs live, several manga, anime and games.The project includes both new music and popular music remixes.

A series of short films of anime entitled Pucchimik D4DJ Petit Mix began broadcasting under the D4DJ Photon Maiden TV program in February 2021.Anime is also broadcast on the official YouTube D4DJ channel.

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