The premiere time of episode 3 Blue Lock, date confirmed for streaming

At what time and date will episode 3 Blue Lock be released for streaming Simulcast in Crunchyroll and what happened in the last episode?

After the fascinating debut on October 8, the Anime Blue Lock continued its impressive form and reputation of the Black Autumn Horse 2022.

There are many more in this sporty anime than at first glance, with the cast of unusual characters that begin to give the impression of watching Tokyo Revengers if they decide to buy football shoes instead of a motorcycle.

However, the newly created team awaits the most difficult test, if they prepare for the first game 11 to 11;So at what time and what time will the 3 Blue Lock episode be released on Crunchyroll?

Date and time of episode 3 Blue Lock

Episode 3 Blue Lock, entitled “Soccer 0”,


Premiere on Saturday, October 22.

As Crunchroll confirmed, the new episode will be released for Simulcast stream transmission at the following international hours:

Pacific time – 11 Eastern Ame – 2 PM British Time – 19:00 European time – 20:00 Indian time – 23:30 Filipino Time Time – 2 Amaustralia Central Daylight Time – 4:30 am

The official Japanese website has provided the following signature to the Blue Lock 3 section:

“In the first round of selection, five teams (V, W, X, Y and Z) will play a group match in the Round-Robin system in the building of the Corporal” Blue Rock (Blue Prison) “.The first choice was a group match in the Round-Robin system between five teams (V, W, X, Y and Z) in the “Blue Prison)” Capral building “and only the two best teams could win.

The lowest team from, Kiyoshi and his teammates, challenge the X team in the first round.However, due to the special principle that only the team with the largest number of points can win unconditionally, the match turns into chaos because both teams are fighting for the ball.The situation was reversed by the presence of Terhide Maou, a powerful striker of the X. team. “- Blue Lock 03 Story, through

official website


Short summary of the last episode

Episode 2 Blue Lock was entitled “Monster” and began when Jinpachi talked to the shocked Kira Ryosuke about eliminating from the program.

Kira claims that playing tag is not relevant to finding the best player in Japan, to which Jinpachi claims that it was a motivation test;Specifically, trying to win at all costs until the last possible moment.

Then it turns out that 11 players in the room will create a team that will live and train together during the blue lock of the program;Something that Isagi is struggling with when he is pushed by almost every member of the team, except for Igaguri.

Isagi cannot sleep tonight and falls into Bachira in the corridor.They both agree to train together in private, where Bachira explains how the game, as if there was a monster, a monster that forces him not only to defeat competitors, but also to destroy them.

The next day, Jinpachi explains that the bands in Blue Lock are grouped on the basis of their ranking and that their weak environment (including training equipment and food) is due to the fact that they are the lowest classified team at the Institute.

Meanwhile, we meet itoshi Sae, a world -class footballer who, after the visa expired, was sent to Japan, playing football in Europe.He is deprived of the right to Japanese football and humiliates the media, just to come across a press conference on the Blue Lock program;what intrigues him.

The episode ends when the team from Isagi is preparing to face the first opponents in the first match 11 to 11, team X enters the arena with an extremely terrifying aura.

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