The rain of banknotes falls on the highway in Chile in a shocking film

The Rabund store ended with a police pursuit and scattering of tickets on the Chilean highway.

Who has never dreamed of banknotes falling from heaven?If this scenario is a fantasy for you, know that some saw how it came true.In addition, along with growing inflation, additional euros in the portfolio at the end of the month would be welcome!As the proverb says, the money does not grow on the trees, but sometimes it can be on highways.Indeed, some Chileans could see a real explosion of banknotes this Thursday, October 20.That day, at the end of the road,

nice little jackpot


If falling on a small fortune at a bend of travel is rare, it happens that

The agent actually falls from the sky

.This happened in 2016 with Matine, a pensioner from Compi├Ęgne.At the time


He informed that one morning a resident of the downtown building discovered dozens of banknotes scattered under its window.Nevertheless, contrary to what many would do, Martine did not want to stop anything.In this way, around 700 euros were reported

at the police station

from city.On the other hand, some Americans could not control themselves when ticket rain fell on the California highway.Always in accordance with


, in November 2021, the armored van released thousands of banknotes immediately gathered with handfuls by drivers.Scene of joy filmed and widely available on social networks.

Epic chase in




.The robbers left the police and threw a bag with money on the road.

As it turns out, it was a good idea.Part of the police stopped to collect money.

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October 23, 2022

Over 10,000 euros have been stolen

This Sunday, October 23


he told us