The release date of Buddha Daddies in January 2023 – The trailer of the character reveals the history of the mafia/killers by P. A. Works

What does two killers do with the daughter of the head of the mafia?Source of the photo: P. A. Works

The release date of the Anime Buddha Daddies was confirmed in January 2023, the Winter 2023 anime season.

On October 22, 2022, @buddyd_project published three tweets about the latest original anime from P. A. Works.Unfortunately, we do not know the exact release date, but we know when it will come, we have a trailer, voice actors, staff and a fully developed website!

Fans Spy X Family and The Yakuza guide to Babysitting will feel at home with the story.But will Buddy Daddies be able to distinguish themselves from them to satisfy fans?

Fortunately, we will not have to wait long, but will it be available for streaming?

What is Buddy Daddies?

Buddy Daddies is original anime produced by P. A. Works.It is not known how many episodes it will be or whether it will be only one course, but the story sounds good and familiar.

Two killers, Kazuki Kurus and Rei Suwa, roommates and work together, but they could not be more different.Kazuki is 28 years old, loves gambling and women and cares for his personal belongings.

He is good in cooking and cleaning and Beszta Rei for his lifestyle.Kazuki focuses on concluding contracts, collecting information and planning work.

He has good communication skills, but it is not clear if Rei always listens to him.Rei is 25 years old, she was never in love and says little.

We have a lot of information to work, but when will the anime be available outside Japan?Photo: P. A. Works

His physical abilities are at the highest level in martial arts and shooting, but he does not care about his living conditions.Rei likes to play video games at home and has been brought up as parents since childhood.

The Rei family is huge in the underground world.So could it be next in the queue to take over the family?Miri Unasaka is a four -year -old daughter of the head of the mafia and his mistress.

As described in her character on the Buddy Daddies website

He is an innocent child without fear.But when she went to the hotel to look for her father, she took part in the shooting!

Did Kazuki and Rei have something to do with it and how did Miri join them?Are they trying to protect her or use her father?

Personnel reviving buddies’ daddy!

P. A. Works does animation, and Nitroplus also helps in the story.We only have confirmed voice actors of our main trio, but more details should appear in the coming months.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga is Kazuki Kurusukoki uchiyama is rei suwahina cinema is Miri Uasaka

Yoshiyuki Asai is a director, and Vio Shimokura is responsible for the story and cooperating with Yuko Kakhara over the composition of the series.Katsumi Enami is responsible for designing character, and Katsutoshi Kitagawa deals with music.