The release date of chapter 371 Berserk in December 2022 begins a new plot: will Guts become an apostle?

Visual key for chapter 368 Berserk.Photo source: Young Animal magazine

The date of release Berserk Chapter 371 in the upcoming issue of Young Animal Issue 24, 2022, it will report on December 9, 2022.

This information should be confirmed when the Berserk 370 chapter release is October 14, 2022. The reliable and avid Manga Animal Mangamogurare reader revealed this advertisement in advance, reading the magazine in the original Japanese language.

At the end of the last chapter 369 Berserka, it was revealed that the Berserk 371 chapter will be released on October 14, 2022.Chapter 370 will be the last chapter of Arc Fantasia, which has changed.The story on the island of the Elf begins with chapter 308 Berserka.

Manga page from chapter 369 Berserk.Photo source: Young Animal magazine

Mangamogurare has apparently read Berserk 370 and saw the announcement at the end of the chapter on the release of Berserk 371.

Chapters 368 and 369 will be explained, but the events that will take place in the Berserk 371 chapter will be predicted, so read on!

Berserk 368 and 369 chapters explain

Berserk Chapter 368 irritated: “A peaceful island stands on his head when Griffith enters the stage.Giving in anger, Guts waves the deadly of dragons, but the blade does not hit the target.Is there a way to stop the flood of darkness? ”

Isidro and his companions begin to go crazy when black, similar to liquid, beings begin to crawl on the elven island.Skull Knight appears and explains that the beings arose from the chasm, probably thanks to the order of Griffith.Skull Knight further explains that creatures are the foundations of the island and its original gentlemen.

Meanwhile, Captain Roderick and his crew are preparing to leave the island when Syrena warns that misfortune is coming.Some Roderick’s people remain stubborn and want to stay.Suddenly the black ghosts fall on some Roderick people and suck meat straight from their bones, leaving them skeletons.

GUTS watches Griffith leaves with an unconscious casca in his arms, kidnapped by flight.Berserk Chapter 369 begins when Guts lamentes that not a single swing of his sword reached his Archbishop Griffith.

Manga page from chapter 369 Berserka.Photo: Young Animal magazine

Berserk of the future will focus on how Guts gains new power

It is interesting that Guts does not think about Caska at the moment, but he is more worried that the gap in power between him and Griffithem has not decreased.Instead, this is the same huge difference that we saw during the eclipse.

Courage apparently returned to the starting point and feels powerless.Something must be done about it if he intends to chase Griffith to save Casca.

Although this time it’s about more than just saving Casca.I think that Guts, without thinking about Caska, shows that he believes to some extent.She is not a lady in danger behind which Griffith is confusing her.Sure, she fainted because of the shock at the sight of Griffith, but Casca is a warrior and he could just take a sleeping tiger to his home, not a sleeping kitty.

I believe that Casca will be able to look after herself when he is in Griffith’s claws, and maybe even hurt his allies and the army when he is in the heart of his surgery.Casca’s decision to kill the princess for revenge on Griffith is definitely possible.

As for Gutss, although he has its special armor and sword, it is still not enough to beat Griffith.GUTS will have to find a way to fight Griffithe on an equal footing.But how can he do this?Some events suggest that the only way Guts can fight on an equal footing with Griffith will be to get a “kingdom egg” and become an independent apostle.

Fan Art Apostle Guts.Photo source: @dark_lordStudios

If Guts decides to become an apostle, he will give up humanity and the possibilities of the future with Casca to defeat Griffith.With the current manner of Guts, I think it is possible.

At the end of Berserk, chapter 369, the island is destroyed and the elves begin to disappear.Presumably, the elves can no longer exist on the “physical plan” and will move to the “spiritual plan”, where Guts, Isidro and others will no longer be able to interact with new friends.Isidro is forced to say goodbye to his new friend Isma.

Graphics of Apostle Guts Fans.Photo source: @herald_of_zena/reddit

I also believe that certain events led to the fact that Guts was an apostle for some time, for example, Guts lost his eye and arm.Griffith was also destroyed with torture, and the only way to rebuild it was to become more than a human – an apostle.For Guts to recover his eye and arm, he will also have to become more than a human.

However, if Guts decides to become an apostle to defeat Griffitha/Femto, it would mean that he would become a subordinate of God’s hand.Guts would have to come to terms with his desires and defeat Griffitha before he could reveal God’s hand.Another thing to keep in mind is that Griffith had to sacrifice all his “dear friends” to become an apostle.This would mean that Guts would have to do the same!Suddenly I am very worried about Isidro, Puck, Casca, Schierke and others!

Guts’s transformation into the apostle would also allow him to bring out the full potential of Berserka armor – the physical injuries that armor deals with him would be negated by the extreme healing and regenerative abilities of the Apostle.

You’re looking forward to Berserk Chapter 371?Do you think Guts will decide to become an apostle?What do you think Casca has prepared for Griffith?Let us know in the comments section below!