The release date of the anime OSHI NO KO in 2023 – Rie Takahashi lends the voice of Ai Hoshino, episode 1 OSHI NO KO was extended

OSHI NO KO will premiere in 2023 with a 90-minute episode.Photo source: Doga Kobo/Twitter

If you have kept your breath on the adaptation of the anime OSHI NO KO, you can breathe easier, knowing that it is finally happening!Ai Hoshino will take Rie Takahashi!

The Anime series, based on Aka Akasaki’s manga of the same title, is to premiere in 2023.The release date of OSHI NO KO was still announced, officially

revealed on Twitter

that the first episode will be longer, after about 90 minutes of operation.

Anime will be produced by Doga Kobo studio.They worked on hundreds of titles, including Berserk, Death Note, My Hero Acadekaren and more.Daisuke Hiramaki will direct the series.It also has an extensive CV, which includes both directing and animation of such titles as [Email Protected] and Naruto Shippuden.

What do we know about Oshi no Ko so far?

There is not a large amount of information about the series yet, but it seems that they are preparing to make some large disclosures in the coming months.

Although they have so far published several key visual elements and information, one of the biggest disclosures was in the form of an advertisement about the casting.Actress Rie Takahashi, known for playing characters in series such as Rent-A-Girlfriend and Classroom of the Elite, was planted as AI, one of the main characters of Osh no Ko.So far, it seems that he is the only cast member who has been officially announced.

Already around the corner of October 29 and 30, 2022 will appear

An exhibition for OSHI NO KO at the “Kaguya-Sama wants to tell you” in Akihabara.

According to the official website, this will include a photo spot using visual elements.

Shortly after this event, December 11, 2022, Oshi No Ko will host his own event with a member of the cast Rie Takahashi.The website says that the event may include the announcement of new details, such as delivery time or related information.

It is not surprising that this anime is gaining so many events when it was chosen for one of the ten best manga that people want to see, taking into account the adaptation of the anime in March 2023.

The full -size AI visual key from the upcoming anime OSHI No Ko.Photo: Doga Kobo/Twitter.

What will Oshi no Ko be about?

If you’ve never heard of Oshi no Ko, you’re probably wondering what anime will be about.

The series tells the story of Goro Amemiya, a doctor who is designed to provide children with a famous idol named Ai Hoshino.For fans of Idol itself, this is great news.Unfortunately, there is never a chance to deliver children because he is murdered by AI persecutive.

However, this is not the end for Goro, because he finally reincarnates as one of the children AI, with intact all memories.In an even more crazy coincidence, the second child also turns out to be the reincarnation of one of his patients, Sarina Tenjouji.

After the death of his mother, Goro aims to find and kill the persecutor under his new identity as Aquamarine Hoshino, while his sister Ruby (formally Sarina) wants to fulfill her old dream of becoming an idol like their mother.Now he will have to protect his sister, while trying to take revenge on a man who murdered not only his and his mother.As if there was no clutter enough, he suspects that the persecutor may also be his father.

This is definitely one of the strangely sounding premises I have heard about, but

with more than a million copies sold

, I imagine it is worth checking it!