The renewal of the Waccha Primagi Game studio begins on November 2

Official YouTube channel Waccha Primagi!From the Pretty Series series, he confirmed on Tuesday that Waccha Primagi!Studio, renewal of Wacch Primaga!A dexterity game will be launched on November 2

The game will have the concept of “I have a main role”, in which players can create their characters and perform activities such as performances at the music show and descending from the catwalk.

The game will also reveal a new character, a mysterious princess named Himeme, who slept for 1000 years in the garden of princesses.The main heroes of the renewal are Chimumu (which we announced in the Anime Final Wacch Primagi!) And the host of myam anime.

The premiere of the anime took place in October 2021, and Hidive broadcasts the series in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal.Sentai Filmworks has a license for a series and will release a series in a home video.

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The manga adaptation of the series in the Ciao Shogakukan magazine in September 2021. The release of the magazine from October 2022 revealed that the Manga series is approaching the climax.

Waccha Primagi!The series continues the conceptual motifs of the song, dance and fashion, and also adds the subject of magic.A student of the first year of junior high school, Matsuri Hibino, loves festivals and dreams of being able to play “Primagi”, a magical form of stage entertainment derived from song, dance and fashion one day.This day comes when the magical kingdom arrives extremely spiritual, causing the trouble of Mag Myam and looking for Matsuri in search of Primaga.Together they compete with their rivals to climb to the Primagi peak.


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