The Serpent Queen Episode 7: What is the date and time of release?

Discover all information about the premiere of the 7th episode of the Queen’s snake!Date and time of release, etc.

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When the premiere of the 7th episode will take place

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Queen of snakes

This week, the “last skirmish” ends with a tragedy for Katarzyna Medycejska, but is it a tragedy arranged by herself?To find out if the series is based on a real story, read it.

From the first episode of historical drama, we know that Catalina is crazy her husband Enrique.However, Diane de Poitier stands between them.Episode 6 of the Queen of Snakes begins with the feeling of Katarzyna that Henry will die in a duel when she was carrying her green grace.At the end of the episode, Catalina begs Enrique to put on her colors at her son’s wedding fair.What do you know?Henry dies as planned.

It is not clear, however, whether Katarzyna really wanted the death of her beloved husband.Ultimately, he tries to stop him from using her last chance on the charts.He sends Matilde to tell Enrique to stop because she can see his death in a dream.But Henry insists and is hurt, which will cost him life.Henry … dies.And Rahima thinks Catherine killed him.After the episode of this week, you certainly can’t wait to find out

When the premiere of the 7th episode of The Serpent Queen will take place

.We’ll tell you everything.

What is the date and time of publishing the 7th episode of the Queen’s Serpentine?

Waiting does not last long.

The release date of the 7th episode of The Serpent Queen

It was established on October 23, 2022 in Starz.For those impatient who want to see the episode whenever they appear.

Premiere time of the 7th episode

Snake queen

He was set to 9 am to Starz.The episode is also broadcast in Starz in Spain and it is expected that on Sunday evening he will go to independent streaming services.

What can we expect from the sequel?Spoilers!

We believe that it is best to point out that this is the penultimate episode of the season.Everything that happens here is to last to the end, which in itself can be seismic.First of all, the long -term future of the Samantha Morton series remains uncertain.

Some of her historical dramas lasted only one season, but it seems that theoretically there may be other parts of Catherine’s guess this question for another day, but we can’t stop thinking about it now.

Full summary

Episode 7 The Serpent Queen

She tells us: “Mary visits Rahima and tells her her version of her life at the royal court.Katarzyna and Maria have contradictory views on religious freedom in France. “title

Episode of the 7th Snake Queen is a “attack on the king”.