The Sims 4: The function we asked for for 8 years finally appears

The Future Sims 4 content has been irritated by Maxis.The program includes two new worlds, a new content, and above all a function that has been expected for years.

The Sims 5 Aka Project Rene was finally revealed.A project that wants to be the most ambitious in the whole series so far and therefore requires more time than usual.That’s why The Sims 4 still has a bright future ahead of him, and Maxis has some nice surprises for fans for next year.The studio irritated the future contents of the game and there are many functions that players asked for release, i.e. eight years.

Children soon to be free at The Sims 4

2023 will be the next year rich in content for The Sims 4 players. While Maxis is working on the future license game, some teams will continue to monitor this free title in its basic version.From next year, fans will be able to buy new packages that were presented during the Behind The Sims Summit.The program includes two new worlds and a whole bunch of new objects and content.What’s more, the creators finally seem to be ready to provide what the community has been asking for for eight years: young children will finally be able to get out of the cot.

When The Sims came out 4, the fans actually expressed their disappointment.Infants were limited to the inability to move or interact with objects.The choice, which will take several years, but the update or package will come in 2023 to improve the situation.Considering some tips placed in the trailer illustrating the game map of the game, it seems that Maxis is planning something related to different age groups.A baby hugged to the mother’s back, glass prostheses and a toddler finally free and who can go to play in the park, the creators leave little space for doubt.Any form will take, it will happen at the beginning of 2023.