The Summer You Were There Vol 1 [Manga] Review – the beginning of an intriguing new affair with Yuri

“Beginning of a new intriguing romance from Yuri”


: Yuama


: Romance, shoujo ai, school life, drama


: Seven Seas


: September 2022

Shoujo AI readers are really blessed these days.A long, long time ago, a decent story about Yuri was in the meantime, and now we are spoiled by a choice, with a growing variety of stories and characters on the shelves with books.One of our favorite Yuri series, Ikemen Sugides Shiki-Senpai!(The girl I want is so handsome) She came to the west at the beginning of this year in a single -volume dology – and now Mangaka Yuama fills our shelves with a new story.

Yuama once weave their magic more, with another thrilling story of love and development between damaged girls.Unlike her previous work, the girl I want is such a handsome, new Yuama series, Kimi is Tsuzuru Utakata (summer where you were there), she walks a much more difficult path, with more complex characters and darker motifs.

What do we think about this new direction of Yuama’s work?Join us today on the Honey anime, when we talk about the summer in which you were there, volume 1!

Contains spoilers

Shizuku Hoshigawa is a deadly shy high school student, hiding equally from people and from before.After completing the manuscript, she decides to destroy her work, but her book was discovered by a popular girl from her class, Kaori Asaka.Shizuku thinks her novel is depressing and irritable, but Kaori finds beauty in this tragic story;When Shizuku says that he will never write another novel – and even more so romance – Kaori insists that they began to meet and that Shizuku used this experience in her next book!

Of course, if the title was not, it is enough to convince you of it, the summer in which you were, clearly prepares for your own tragic ending – an ironic reflection on Shizuko coming out of her shell thanks to Kaori.As in the serial pursuit of Aoi Koshiba, there are various obvious – and more subtle – tips that the compound of the main couple does not quite work as they expected.

As with every affair, the real strength of history lies in the heroes.Again, “Summer where you were” seems to cross an interesting line between the “real” romance and the “trial run”, touching the Japanese social idea that girls meeting in high school simply “practice” for her husband.Shizuku distrust to others intensifies her emotions, and at all the time she carries a great burden of past actions that she cannot escape;Meanwhile, Kaori seems to be focused on a secret romance in the summer, but her physical health seems to be in question.We could guess where this story is going, but we will leave the forecasts to our readers!

Yuama’s graphics remain beautiful and dynamic, recalling the magical atmosphere of Shoujo, which really reflects the essence of “summer romance” and nicely combines with the dark internal monologue of Shizuku.An excessively living personality Kaori practically pops up, while the restrained nature of Shizuku leads to several hilarious, deadly gloomy expressions that we will not forget in the near future.

Why should you read “Summer where you were there”, volume 1

1. Confined romance and mental health

As with many stories about “false dates”, part of the pleasure is to watch how the characters break their walls, slowly turning a lie into the truth.Yuama has greatly captured tension and confusion that Shizuku feels in connection with this sudden change in her life, in this struggle of Shizuku with mental health.

Shizuku often gets panic attacks, which make it “move away” and suffers a lot of chest pains.Although the presentation of mental health in the manga is far from perfection, it is certainly one of the first cases in which we saw a clear anxiety presented in the manga – although of course some readers may want to keep discretion by knowing this.

2. Girls love for girls

Among Yuri and Girls Love readers there is a widespread belief that – unfortunately – many Yuri works are intended for a male look than any serious attempt to describe lesbian or bisexual narrative.Fortunately, Yuama again provides a scene with “in the summer where you were”, just like “the girl I want, is so handsome”, with wonderful characters that include their sexuality, but they do not flaunt to attract the attention of the audience.

While we are definitely happy with the small service of fans in our manga, it is important that Yuri stories really try to communicate relationships between women, and “the summer in which you were” collects high praise from us in this department.

There is a new, bold direction for Yuama, especially after the juicy love festival, which the girl I want was, is so handsome.A darker, more serious tone is welcome, and we are curious how the false relationship of Shizuku and Kaori will take place.

What do you think about the summer in which you were there?Are you planning to read the first volume?Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading!

Author: Brett Michael Orr

I am a writer, player and reviewer of the manga and novel about light, I come from Melbourne in Australia.When I don’t create a new world, a good jRPG consumes me, I watch an anime or read a storm!

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