The Taste of Living Season 2: Netflix has already planned the release date?

The original new work is probably the most moving series of the year, especially if you take into account that the script is inspired by a real history.This amazing romance was therefore truly experienced by a couple, which after meeting in Florence in Italy started a family on the west coast of the United States.

The staging of the series was also supervised by Tembi Locke (renamed Amy in fiction) and her sister Attic, who in particular wrote a bestseller describing the romance between Tembi (Amy) and Saro (Lino).

The Taste of Life will probably not have the second season

And we explain why.

We reveal all the information we have on the day of the premiere of season 2 of the taste of life on Netflix

Amy, therefore, spread the ashes of her medallion in her family estate where Lino grew up, remembering the most beautiful moments she experienced with the love of her life.

The taste of life was not renovated in the second season

, because the bestseller on which history is based does not allow it.The goal of the Locke sisters was to tell the public opinion of Tembi’s history to convey the message.The latter has recently been explained

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“I hope that viewers will leave the program, maybe thinking differently about their lives, what they want from their relationships – romantic, family or close friend, and that they also honor their own losses.”

The streaming platform classified its new original work in the “mini-series” category, which means that

Season 2 will probably not be ordered

.There were several exceptions in the past, but “Le Goût de Vivre” clearly ended.Series inspired by a true story rarely have the right to continue, because usually a few episodes are enough.

Taste of life, season 2: The trailer will be available online soon?

No ”I expect that one day you will be able to watch

Taste of life trailer of season 2

because the chances of renewing fiction are really small.Even if the series would win a unique audience, screenwriters do not intend to continue the story that would not have the same taste.It would be possible to find out what happened to Tembi Locke, but it would be more appropriate to do it in the form of a report.

What is the release date in the second season of Le Goût de Vivre on Netflix?

Tembi Locke’s acting career was not very successful, but she appeared several times in famous series such as Eureka or Prince Bel-Air.

The release date of the second season of The Taste of Life on Netflix

Therefore, it will never be announced by an American company.The miniserial is by definition very short, which means that continuation is not possible.So if you are looking for a new romantic comedy, know that the second season of Young Royal will soon be available online!

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