The Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher game will appear in America on October 20

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced on Friday that the Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher game from Koei Tecmo Games will be released digitally in North and South America on Nintendo Switch on October 20.

The game is a spin offem of the Monster Rancher game series.The game on Nintendo Switch puts in front of players to care for Kaij monsters from the Ultraman series.

Players can collect various Kaiju from the Ultraman series and perform various activities with them to raise them, including feeding, training, learning and adventures.Players can send their kaiju to tournament battles, as well as combine various kaiju to get unique results, from about 200 kaiju in the game (including mergers).

Koei Tecmo Games and Line Corporation also release the game for Monster Rancher smartphones this year.

The first game from the Monster Rancher series debuted on the PlayStation console in 1997.The game sets the task of raising various monsters to fight in tournaments, with players decide how to raise a monster, which then determines how monsters fight.A noteworthy feature of many games in this series is the ability to generate a random monster depending on the disks that players share the game.

Monster Rancher 2 initially debuted on PlayStation in Japan in February 1999. Then the game was released in North America in August 1999, and in Europe in October 2000.

Koei Tecmo released the original Monster Rancher game in Japan on iOS and Android devices in November 2019, and on Switch in December 2019. The company released Port Monster Rancher 2 on devices with iOS and Android and on Switch in Japan in JapanSeptember 2020 Monster Rancher 1 and 2 DX, an updated version of the first two games in the series, released in December 2021 on Switch and PC via Steam in Japan and on Switch, PC via Steam and iOS in the West.

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