The Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher game will start in the west on October 20

The Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher game will be released in the West on October 20

by Joseph Luster on October 12, 2022.

If you like the Monster Rancher series, but you feel like using a little more DNA ultraman in your bestiary, you’ll want to have your eyes wide open to the upcoming arrival of Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher.Spinoff does exactly what he promises in the title, allowing players to take care of the huge Kaiju from the entire Ultraman series, and is to be officially released in the Americas on October 20.

Check the new release date of the trailer as it works.

Here’s, as Bandai Namco describes it:

In the Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher game players play the playing promising breeder, make friends and train Ultra Kaiju for the competition.The game contains over 200 types of kaiju, including various combinations to collect.Kaiju can be generated using keywords or devices that support NFC*.Players can also combine or synthesize monsters to create a completely new Kaiju appearance.In addition to the unique Ultra Kaiju movements, which were usually not in previous works, the Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher prepares a scene for epic clashes with monstrous proportions reminiscent of classic ultraman fights.

*One of the regeneration functions of Kaiju – “Search for music” – will not be implemented in the version for North and South America.

Source: Press information

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