The Vtuber group apologizes for using SPlatoon 3 to stream pornography

Shinso-gumi, independent Vtubers used the chroma key to play pornographic films with ink

A member of Shinso-Guumi, Ikinone Tomer, streamly sent the SPlatoon 3 video game on Saturday alongside the independent Vtubers Kikaze Kimiko, Shigure Mito and Hinachun.However, it was not entirely an innocent stream.VTubers played in Turf War mode, filling the screen with ink, and then using a chromatic key to play pornographic films with ink.

The direct consequence of their actions was AV スプラ (“Adult Video Splatoon”), which began to gain popularity on Twitter, but the streamers themselves met a significant reaction.Shigure Mito, who proposed this idea, was blocked on YouTube in the middle of the broadcast.The participating VTubers already had a reputation of open discussions about sexual content in their streams, but even their fans agreed that violation of the conditions for using YouTube and Nintendo services is a step too far.

Nevertheless, Shigure Mito did not show a repentance,


: “Listen, haters, no matter how many of you will block me or send me insults, I will just laugh and pass.But I will not stand aside and let me cause trouble for people who appeared on stream and companies that cooperated with us.If you don’t like it, you can boldly block me. ”

At the time of press publication, Ikinone Tomer is the only Vtuber participating in the program that publicly apologized for participating in the broadcast.

Source: Twitter


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