The Walking Dead: Data and the first photos of spin-off negan and Maggie have revealed

It’s official!Spin-off focused on the iconic forms of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Negan, will soon see the light of day.New images were also revealed.

The Walking Dead

He was a real hit among fans for 11 seasons.As the end of the series approaches, after twelve years of good and loyal service, soon new projects should see the light of day.In particular, a few

spin-offs focused on iconic characters

series.Among them

Daryl, Rick, Michonne

But also the greatest enemies:

Maggie and Negan

.This series will be called


And he will focus on the adventures of these two iconic heroes, loved by fans.Meaning that

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan

They will return to their role in this long-awaited spin-off.The 56-year-old actor also had a lot of problems with agreeing to re-extend to this new project.He explained in one of the interviews: “The story is so good that it was worth telling it.

I couldn’t refuse

.It revived me and I wanted to continue. ”

But what will you say about



New spin-off Walking Dead focused around Maggie and Negana

?Both heroes will be in the heart of New York, a city destroyed and full of living corpses.There is anarchy there, and the survivors try to regain control as best as possible.

Maggie and Negan

They will have to evolve side by side, despite the differences from the death of the deceased


.Can’t wait to learn more?The fans were presented at the New York Comic-Con.

New exclusive images

.And I promise it!Will two characters join forces to rule better?Waiting for


Photos give the tone to what awaits us and what this new series can look like.

First look


Spin-off Maggie and Negan “Dead City”.

Premiere in April 2023.

—Pop Crave (@Popcrave)

October 8, 2022

When will Dead City appear, spin-off the walking dead?

Just like his oldest

The Walking Dead



will be released on AMC.And these new paintings have the gift of attracting even more fans who are really impatient to discover this new series.Because

The last season of The Walking Dead Broadcast on OCS

It caused many conversations.While some are disappointed in the turn of events in the parent series, others say goodbye to them.But when we can see these

Electric connection Negana and Maggie

?There is not much time to wait.In effect

DeadCity will appear in April 2023

With the first season, which will have six episodes.Watering of paragraphLess than a year to discover this

spin off