The Walking Dead Season 11: Who died in episode 18?Follow us

Episode 18 Season 11 has surprises for fans of The Walking Dead!It will be full of tension!

We have something new for fans of The Walking Dead!The famous American series already in the eleventh season!Time to disclose public opinion

who died in episode 18

.Some fans can be desperate to hear this message.Others will certainly be delighted!Indeed, there are always characters who are more important to us than others!

The last part of the 11th season of The Walking Dead began at OCS with an rhythmic episode, which announces an explosive end.Episode 17, entitled Lockdown, broadcast on Monday, October 3.The series returns into force and quickly fixes the situation and problems.While part of the group is in the community to

examine the actions of your leader Pamela Milton

(Laila Robins), others run away from Lance Hornby (Josh Hamilton) and his soldiers.This applies especially to Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Daryla (Norman Reedus), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Aaron (Ross Marquand).Aware of Lance’s real goals, the latter want to refute him and

protect your friends in a community


Sebastian says goodbye to his audience

The community is shocked by

Sebastian’s unpunished crimes

(Teo Rapp-Olsson), son of Pamela Milton.This plot allows The Walking Dead to face the unusual topic of the community, which managed to recreate the conditions similar to those from the world from before the Apocalypse.In l ‘

Episode 18

, Max asks Eugene to recreate the recording on the occasion of the founding day.In the blink of an eye

riots explode

And they make the atmosphere even more chaotic thanks to Lance’s machinations behind the bars.Knowing perfectly well that Max programmed this plan, Sebastian follows her until he sees the opportunity to point her to the Swedish.But

Eugene comes to his rescue and pushes zombies towards Sebastian

.And that’s over!He finally calls for help.But nobody will give him it.He is finally bitten.One of his most satisfying deaths in the series!We are waiting to learn more about the next episodes.