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In this series Netflix, a quiet family moves into an old house before anonymous letters and a strange surroundings harass her.


Ryan Murphy

say it one more time.A bourgeois family without history, an old house restored to the stylish and modern burrow, strange neighbors, strange home staff and persecutor who sends letters with satanic references …

The observer is a pure product of the creator of NIP/Tuck and American Horror Story.

Full of voltage, paranoid thriller, on the razor’s blade, a giant spider web, always flawless

Naomi Watts

And his perfect little family.

This is a meeting in a well -known area.


, a small family dressed for nine, falls victim to unexplained demonstrations, social pressure and other night panic attacks.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of the Dahmer series, repeated a contemporary trick with a haunted house, as in the first season of his (also?) Long antological series

American Horror Story


But yes, remember: we are in 2011, a small family without history moves into an old house with a turbulent story with a troublesome neighbor and a strange cleaner.Do we make the best jams in old jars?Yes definitely.

House, a mental maze

House of the devil, disgust-we cheat a bit, this apartment-Amityville, shining-we also cheat, it is a large hotel-, others, conjurement …

The family home has always been a source of a mental maze and a breeding ground for fear.

Here it is a 200-year-old house transformed into a modern Instagramable habitat.Large, spacious rooms with high ceilings, wide spiral stairs, whose curves lead to hypnosis, a system elevator in a vintage style passing from a shiny functional kitchen to the bedroom on the first floor … the dream cottage that would immediately sell on the market – with or without Stefan Square.

A place whose appearance only matches the Small Horror Theater, which will take place there.

In the observer, Ryan Murphy is constantly juggling the idea of supernatural terror and very real harassment.Either way, the ghost or voyeur (the famous “guard”), the danger lurks at the end of the corridor, hides behind the door of the ajar bedroom of the parents, calls late at a dark night.

Suspens is maintained by a gallery of suspects, which revolves around a small family and a large house.

Criticism of the bourgeoisie

Adapted more or less from a real story, the observer is finally less a polytest story of Poltergeist than the sharp criticism of American petty bourgeoisie.Like many other works ahead of him in the cinema

Pier Paolo Pasolini


David Lynch

(Blue velvet),

Michael Haneke

(Hidden) or

Roman Polansky

(Disgust, Rosemary’s child).

The series shows that material comfort and financial inaction are a source of conflicts and do not interfere with the evil to cross the door threshold.

The observer reveals what is behind a layer of paint on these wonderful residential facades:





, and even


.Just like in the calm alleys of a fictitious street


From the cult series Desperate Housewives, the inhabitants of A Priori are very nice, but in fact completely removed from the bulb.From ordinary freaks emanating disturbing strangeness, pure wickedness or simply angry madness.

And it’s too much to get pissed … there is no need to be frightened with a jump.

Just put a small family looking at every angle in the eyes of everyone in the old, renovated hut.