The Witch of Mercury campaign event is coming in Gundam Evolution

The free Gundam Evolution shooter will have the event of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury campaign from October 26, at22:00 Polish time until December 27: 59 pm pst.

Players who log in to the game during the event can pick up several items related to the Mercury witch in the Box with gifts tab, including icon, decoration and two stamps.The icon presents the shot of the witch’s head from the movie Mercury, Suletta Mercury, the heroine of Mercury.

Steam announcement

He informs that the prizes will disappear from the gift box after 10 days, so players will have to pick them up quickly.

Image source: Gundam Evolution Steam website


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The team of Gundam Evolution programmers revealed some details about the upcoming balance of changes that will be introduced during maintenance on October 26.They include corrections to the units fighting in close, with Gundam Exia and Zaku II [even] a special distinction, due to their “2-3% higher victories factor than distance units” and increased overall ammunition for some distance units.

The announcement also contained detailed corrections for each individual mobile overalls.It is worth noting that the skill of Large Heat Hawk (Slash) Zakuu II [Melee] receives a weakening of range from 1170 to 900, while his Large Heat Hawk (Rotating Slash) G-Maneuver receives damage reduced from 250 to 200 (or 375 to 250 forenraged mode).The program of programmers explained that although the mobile overalls “did not dominate others in terms of injuries” in games at higher levels, “we decided that it would be more satisfying to tune the injuries and ensure the opposite team of a greater chance to overcome Zaku II [Melee] during the GE maneuver”.

As for Gundam Exia, his ability GN Sword (Rush & Slash) will deal 50 injuries less than before, and the renewal time will be two seconds added.No balance changes have been described in detail for another unit fighting in a melee, Gundam Barbatos.

Some other corrections include a larger activation threshold for the maneuver G of the Field Rider, a slightly larger range for Sazabi and GM (Sazabi also received a small reduction of injuries) and a lower shot speed for the maritime snake MARASAI (Ensare), so that it is more difficult to use it over longer distances.

Gundam Evolution was released on Steam on September 21 PDT for some regions, and on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One will appear on November 30 PST.More regions will be able to play the game after the maintenance period of October 27, while countries such as India and Australia will have to wait until season 2 or 3. FPS currently has mixed user reviews on Steam, and players generally praise the game, but criticizing the progression system and the system of progression and the systemDifficulties in unlocking mobile overalls for free.


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