This week in games – in which we have many reasons to break the “Like” button

Hello again, everyone!It was a bit busy week.This week I played in Voice of the Cards: The Beasts of Burden, which is really funny and scratch this crimson shroud.We are waiting for this review in the near future!In the news of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 I finally unlocked the Combo system!I really like how it works;It is much more simplified and accessible than the wild Combo system in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We will go through this game together!

In addition, with the premiere of the new Urusei Yatsura anime, we saw that the intro contains several deep cuts – especially old Urusei Yatsura games!My good friend, Sasquatch, pointed out that he was referring to the title of Urusei Yatsura Famicom, the title of Sega Saturn and gameboy games.It’s a good thing!

Ok, I did not expect OP to refer to all Yatsura games, such as Lum No Wedding Bell, SEGA CD and GameBoy Game.

– Sasquatchulous (@sasquatchulous)

October 13, 2022

Anyway!This is this week in … Oh, wait.I have something better now – here’s:

Greetings to Catfish for bringing gulls from Daytona USA just in time.I could talk and talk about how much I love this banner, I am obsessed with his point from Tuesday and I have Izuna, Shuckle and Rynex from Lightning Force i-What most important-MEions from Daytona from the USA, but unfortunately I do not get payment for it.Let’s start!

But before we start …

Secretlab, a producer of chairs for games used by streamers around the world, was very nice to us and sent us a free Titan chair last week.There is also a chance to win one!Read my review here, and then check the link below to find out how to take part in the competition.Because we are anime News Network, they made sure that they sent us one motive referring to the anime, not to the game.I was already looking at one of the chairs near Daz All Out (because they are wearing really nice iridescent patches, behind which I am a loser), but they were nice enough to send us a chair Naruto Shippūden based on akatsuki color schemes.This is not entirely Izuna: the legend of the unemployed Ninja (it’s much more pink), but it is quite cool.

So, if the metal team has a Secretlab logo, but they are wearing akatsuki scratches … Does that mean that it is a reproduced Secretlab product?Just thinking loudly.Having said, I really love this large red stain of the Akatsuki cloud.This specific chair is made of their woven material – I expected leather material.This material is cool, so between the patch and the weave I feel as if I was sitting in a chair made of a poor denim jacket.(And now I want to know if I will be able to select Kamen Rider patch …)

A few things jump out of me: first, the chairs are heavy as hell.The box boasted a weight of 34.5 kilograms (76 pounds), and my poor hostess had to roll the box to the living room from the front stairs, because I was at work when it came.Construction was intimidating, but I was able to do it – although people with personality less than bulls, such as mine, would do good if they asked for help.Again: 34.5 kg.

Secondly: I appreciate the width of the seat.I do not feel too comfortable in the chair, unless I can sit with crossed legs, but my old chair at the desk was not wide enough for it.This is wide enough to accommodate my long games and my wide Latin hips.And the armrests are cool (and you can replace overlays on them, if you want to, with various armrests from various materials on the Secret Labs website), but you can also unscrew them and completely remove them if you feel like it.The attached screwdriver is perfect for this.Finally, the slope of the backrest is quite amazing and I don’t have to worry about turning backwards just because I’m trying to lean in my place.The back also has a very useful magnet, thanks to which the pillow under the head remains attached at the desired level, which is quite neat.

Now I have two problems: first, the backrest is not as cushioned as I would like. On both sides of the backrest there are two knobs that control the height of lumbar support and its curvature. This is a useful option … But I would like to see something like adapted airbags based. (Such a thing exists, you can press the crushing button at the back of the seat to inflate additional pillows based on the desired softness/hardness, and the second button for air release.) Second: Packaging. I understand that many parts for these chairs are delicate (and do not mistake, even after the awkward handling of this chair was intact), but there were so many foam insoles in the box. It is becoming more and more obvious that people produce things in the most balanced way; In the future, I hope that Secretlab will switch to materials more recyclable to its packaging.

After that?It’s a really good chair.Like wow.The cup holder would be comfortable, but this thing is a real feast.I was next to me for a moment when I saw a box in my living room;I write about games very short (less than two years), and I have been working for this week in games for only three months.So this means a lot to people who turn to us with such things.For example, I’m sitting in the Secret Labs chair.That they sent me.I watch streamers who occur for even five thousand viewers at once and occur at conventions.I’m not one of these guys, I’m just a guy who really likes to write and really likes to talk about games, and was lucky to find a place where he could sit down and talk to a few people about Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

I often say this, but: to people from PR who turn to us to discuss their games, I appreciate you that you came to us.I treat every game that I discuss as an opportunity to try something new.To people who read me on this page: thanks for tracking.You greeted me in this column with open arms and it’s great fun to see how you get excited about new things.And for boys from Secretlab: thanks for the chair.It is really nice.

And because we are talking about Naruto and we only had a slightly serious one -on -one meeting, here is the nourish on the swings ™ (2002, colored).I don’t know, imagine that he is sad because there is no sweet chair.To get extra points, listen

song played when Naruto swings


If you like the appearance of this chair, you can check this tweet on the official Anime News Network account on Twitter to have a chance to win your own.

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A good and bad idea, imported by Twitchcon

Twitchcon was last weekend! We certainly had a few small things that I wanted to mention, even if they were not necessarily oriented to Japanese games. The first thing that excited me was the meeting of all Vtubers! Within two years of the explosion of the Vtubers in the summer of 2020, there was really no Twitchcon that could accommodate them all. Because this is the first large Twitchcon in California since 2019, the vtubers of all the stripes came and met, signing each other and taking this charming thing in which they take pictures of their phones with their avatars on the screen (what to keep a charming way anonymity!). Vshojo also had a shapely configuration for their meetings and greetings, in which streamers were displayed on the big screen and could interact with the fans who visited them. But we saw it before, and Vshojo Cto Mowtendoo (whose previous work of Gachimuchi I am a big fan) really wanted to move the borders. And apparently sign them too.

So now we have the ability to autograph remotely.The future is now.

This is a fairly simple configuration and a brilliant transformation of existing technology based on the CNC device (computer number control).Usually used in industrial conditions for cutting metal in specific shapes or performing complex aquorts, this was reused using a shiny silver pen and connected to individual tablets of serpentine so that they can sign posters from fans.The machine is of course slightly broken because it adapts to the next “path” for the signature, but hey: now you can get your autograph from Waifu from long distances thanks to the kindness of the information highway!I wasn’t on Twitchcon, so I didn’t see it myself in action (a few friends from the fandom did it, good on them!), But it’s nice to see technical progress in this way.Recently, I saw this kind of ingenuity of the old good Mowtendoo with

rubber turkey

.So pay close attention to these shit posters on the web – they can simply do another great thing that will really change your fandom!

But on Twitchcon these were not all great ideas; Unfortunately, there were many harassment. There were several accounts of customers who simply asked for passes for the disabled to bypass the queues, which meant that people who really needed them were very uncomfortable. Many accounts talk about poor treatment on behalf of Twitchcon staff with disabled clients, believing that everyone who asks for accommodation pretends – which is quite a miserable approach to acceptance, not because I have to emphasize it. Streamers leading panels, such as Aimsey, were incorrectly focused on gender (which, give up, conduct basic research on who you are as a panelist, if they are partners, at least you can do). The skin was irritable when CMC was allowed to convention after the allegations that he had sex with two minors fans. Congopers broke the camp outside the bathrooms in the hope that they would catch their favorite streamers unknowingly – especially disgusting, taking into account that many visitors were Vtubers who try to maintain the privacy of their non -acne personalities. And at a much more destructive angle he was … a bottom with foam.

I do not intend to show or combine images with any accounts, because it is severe enough and I do not have to show people who break their spine. In short: Lenovo and Intel organized drinking foams as a promotional stand and invited participants to jump inside, jump on their ass, and even play small fights in the style of “American gladiators”. Problem: the foam was too shallow; Relations say that at best it was a foot of foam blocks covering a solid concrete floor. So inevitably many people were injured: dislocated patella and a broken back. There is a recording on which the streamer Adrian Chechik jumps and breaks her back; The incident caused her back to be broken in two places and needed a metal rod put in the back. (Many self -proclaimed wise men made a lot of this, taking into account the history of Czeczyk as an adult actress; I expect my readers to know better.)

As I understand, waiver was signed about the whole thing, and the stand belonged to Lenovo and Intel (not Twitch), but it looks quite bad;Relations say that drinking foam was a senseless matter that was bathed of another project, and other people showed that the appropriate foam pits are much, much deeper and have much more sophisticated foundations.I hope that people injured by this incident will safely recover from these heavy wounds and that people leading these spectacular stalls will think about everything next time.I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to go to the exit in anticipation of having fun and the end in the hospital.It’s bad enough if you are a photosensitive cosplayer (my brother’s wife went through it once, it was terrifying).

There were plenty of cool things everywhere on Twitchcon, but there was a bit of a mess – which does not bode well, taking into account the storm in a cup of tea over the absurd approach of Twitch to divide revenues with streamers.Many call to boycott Twitch, and I hope that dozens of Twitch users will hear their complaints.People suffered, man, what the hell did you do behind the wheel?

Gotta Hunt Fast: Monster Hunter DLC announced for Sonic Frontiers

Since Sonic Frontiers is to be released on November 8, there is not much to do, look forward to the latest adventure of the most famous hedgehog in the world.But there are still things that Sega holds on the wings to build the expectation like the thematic DLC.Now, in the past, Sega got into other real estate belonging to SEGA, for example when Sonic Forces offered a components of an outfit based on Joker and Morgan from Persona 5. But this time they went to Capcom for this partnership.And they left with … Monster Hunter misfires.

From November 15, the owners of Sonic Frontiers can download the DLC add -on inspired by Monster Hunter with two variants of Rathalos armor for Sonic.The first version is based on the variant of the men’s hunter’s outfit, covering Sonic, as if preparing for the modification of Sonic and the Black Knight.The second is the Feline costume variant: a charming version more designed for Palicos.You are not sure why they would like to have two versions of the same outfit (especially when they are not so different), but I think there is an option?There is also a clever accessory in the form of a grill accessory!By playing a grill from Monster Hunter, Sonic will turn a small piece of steak into a spit;When it is properly cooked, Sonic can eat it to increase power.Presumably plays a little stupid

culinary song

When Sonic turns a spit, along with a cunning woman cheering “so tasty ~!” When it ends.As many have noticed, it is strange that Sonic eats something except their characteristic chili dogs, but it’s sponsorship for you!

This is not the strangest promotional fad for Sonic Frontiers;Hololive Vtuber Inugami Korone was appointed “Sonic Ambassador” and not only reflected in the costume and colors associated with Sonic during several broadcasts, but also through some DLC available only to Japanese sellers;Ordering a pre -sale game with exclusive network sellers provides players

Funny gadgets

, such as colored shoes and gloves for Sonic, sewn to reflect the Korone dress;Sound effects in the game replaced by the voice of Korone;And the complete replacement of the Coco Sonic Frontiers mascot “KoroneSuci” Korone (her bald, with lips open, depicting her listeners).In the meantime, Korone became a policeman in the Japanese Dubbing Sonic The Hedgehog 2. No work on the American publishing house because of this (my heart is directed to fans of Korone in the USA, which I know that there are plenty of them).But hey, Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8, so Sega still has time to change her mind!

VTubers smuggle pornography for SPLATOON ink, go to the wrong side of Nintendo

It is not easy to be a vtuber!You need to find a good project, get a loyal audience and find something new to do in every stream to attract people’s attention!Regardless of whether it is connecting to a heart rate monitor and playing horror, or reciting dialogues with roles, pretending to be a housewife, vtubers constantly have to raise the stake.But sometimes it can lead you to hot water: your spicy outfit can have a few inches too much neckline or you will receive a DMCA warning for restoring the wrong song.Or you know, you have trouble streaming porn.

[SPlatoon 3]

Something called “AV スプラ” appeared on Japanese Twitter.

Apparently, the VTubers displayed green content for adults for ink during broadcast.The challenge was not to be banned.

Needless to say, nintendo * is not happy.

– Spookmealdome 🎃 (@oatmealdome)

October 11, 2022

Ikinone Tomer and her colleagues from the Shinso-Guumi Vtubub group organized an interesting configuration in Splatoon 3: Using the Obs, they could change the color of the opposing team and play something underneath.The challenge they decided to play porn;It was an encouragement to defeat the second team by covering the ink before too much porn was shown and the streams closed.Full appreciation for the team, the idea for Stream is new (I imagine that it would be a funny time on the right platform), but Nintendo is not very kind to people mixing porn with their games.Vtuber Shigure Mito was banned in the middle of the broadcast and forced to apologize, and Japanese Nintendo published a statement reminding people of their strict guidelines regarding how their games can and cannot be broadcast.

This is one of those situations that speaks for itself;I lack creativity to come up with such a crazy concept.But hey, if you’ve ever wondered why they don’t use black or white ink in Splatoon, please.

Let’s choose three out of three stories with the participation of streamers – and this is about the IRL streamer!At least there is one in the universe.

So again a few messages from Game Freak about Pokémon Scarlet/Violet appeared, but because this mainly applies to individual new Pokémon, I didn’t talk too much about them.Do not make a mistake: I love Wigglet and Farigarif just like the next guy, and Farigarif makes me happy at different levels.First of all, they created Palindrom, which is consistent with the name Giapharig – these locators need a raise.Secondly, with Farigarif and some new forms of Hisuian seen in Legends: Arceus, we see some strange Pokémon Gen 2, which receive new evolution.I join the crowd of people calling for the redemptive evolution of Dunspark.But that’s why we’re here!Because at the beginning of this week Game Freak announced a new advertisement for the new coach!And what we have is … this!

Meeting, the leader of the electric type gym!I love her project.Her name has the required “electric” game of words (ions are atoms and molecules with net electric charge), and also reminds me of one of my favorite Yuri Manga Iiono The Fanatic.She has two -colored hair, too much a jacket with sleeves that hang on her hands, massive hairpins and asymmetrical leggings, and most importantly: she has sharp teeth.Yes, if you want to design a streamer, this time you hit the point.It will be wild when Ash will meet her in anime.

Some people showed some consternation because of the Pokémon universe, introducing streamers into the scenery, but they might as well. I mean that streamers and vtubers have become popular elements of the online landscape for a long time. Anime fans made Vtubers famous, let’s not be offended when the anime begins to contain them! Besides, a lot of people were really sweet. “She is like me, fr fr Fr!”, Shouted an army of instant fans from all over the Internet. Between Penny, Mela, Geeta, and now Iono, Pokémon Scarlet/Violet gave Pokémon fans a lot to fall in love in terms of character. Some even made the theory that it was alter ego pens, taking into account the lonely nature of Penny (and that he also has two -colored hair). And I have to say that this is a damn good cover – and Penny has all the makings for someone who is a vtuber behind closed doors! In any case, Io left fans with a secret! Although she has these large two -colored magnemite hair clips (she confirmed that they are not real), she began a small game with their viewers to see if they could guess her favorite Pokémon. The tips we have received so far are: it is soft, it is not Magnemite, it is “a bit slow with a slight climate” with “two large bulges on the head that people always confuse with their eyes”, it is electric-typ and expands and expands and expands He shrinks his body to generate electricity.

People went crazy, trying to find out what this suggested Pokémon could be.It can’t be Chinchou, because Chinchou is not spongy.Some people dream of theories that this is the evolution of one of the recently disclosed Pokémon, such as Pawmi.Others think that this may be a new type of Pokémon with electric snails, and maybe even a regional slugma variety.Others decided that it was ”

Jigglypuff, seen from above

“.We were encouraged to leave our comments in the movie Io and the sound of her next stream, in which he probably will present this new Pokémon to all his new fans.

I like it.It’s nice that Pokémon has her as a figure, because he can now use it as a kind of noise machine in the universe.I can’t wait to be part of Pokémon’s marketing, probably similar to how Tails has its own Vtuber/YouTube shorts.And it’s a great way to revive the world of Pokémon.I hope that this means that Io will get a series in which he talks to other gym leaders, especially since a lot of people want her to interact with the leader of the Electrical gym from Unovan-Modelka-Modelka-Icomedian Elesa.I hope!

In July, in my first column, we discussed the news about the departure of Kazuki Takahashi, Mangaki standing behind Yu-Gi-Oh!And a man who has affected many lives through games.Although it was widely believed that his death was an unfortunate accident, the truth was at the same time better and worse.

In an article from the source of military messages

Stars and stripes

, it was noted that several accounts of sworn witnesses of the army said that the deceased Takahashi dived to the water off the coast of Okinawa to help one major Robert Bourgeau saves three swimmers caught during a wave.While Major Bourgeau was able to save swimmers, he did not know that Takahashi tried to help him then;It wasn’t until two days later that his body was found off the coast of the city of naked.

It is good to finally know that Takahashi did not fall victim to an unclean game or other dark circumstances;He just practiced what his heroes had preached for years.Major Bourgeau noticed Takahashi’s heroism in this situation.Once again, we raise the glass to Kazuki Takahashi.You were real.

Hideo Kojima, creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid (and Shakei, I will never let anyone forget about it) boiled about the recent joke: a new game with the actress (and apparently the sister of the actress Dakota Fanning, which I never knew) Elle Fanning.The joke was simply an Elle Fanning poster with the question: ”

Who am I?


In addition to reminding me of the old Nintendo advertising campaign ”

who are you?

“(In my opinion their best advertising campaign) not much more can be collected.After replacing the long -term voice actor of Metal Gear, David Hayter, Keifer Sutherland, and the casting and capture of the Dutch actress Stefana Joosten as Quiet, in a failed attempt to make us “ashamed of our words and deeds”for hiring famous Hollywood stars to perform in his titles.Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo del Toro performed in Death Stranding, and Kojima clearly aims to increase the cinema atmosphere.

Few other valuable things can be gathered – to the hell, we are not even sure if it will be honest with God (Kojima may actually manage to make a movie).But this is Hideo Kojima – after crazy creativity, which was Death Stranding, we can be sure that Hideo Kojima off of His Leash at least will give us something interesting to discuss.And no matter what it is, it can’t be as stupid as someone breathing through the skin!

I hate saying it this way, but this is the only way to say: I liked Shin Megami Tersei before it was cool.I cut my teeth on Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and actually played in Demikids on GameBoy Advance.Oh yes, and I was one of the first Persona 3 voyeurs, when it was published in 2006, hoping that Atlus would spend Persona 3: FES in the USA one day.Persona has moved from a small iconic hit to one of the biggest names in JRPG games, and to restore the full circle, Atlus will return to the basics.Em, the basics that fans already know.

On January 19, the faithful Atlus will be able to enjoy Persona 3: Portable and Persona 4 Golden, the final versions of their games, on all contemporary consoles: while Tweet only exchanges the Xbox and Windows family, we assure you that they will also appear on PS4, PS5, Steam and NintendoSwitch.Thanks to the upcoming Persona 5 R ports, you have all three modern Persona games at your disposal!

I am … a bit torn.Do not make a mistake, it’s great games – Femc from Persona 3: Portable is certainly the best protagonist in all modern Persona games, and the game has been completely rebuilt to adapt it, giving her unique social links.Persona 4 Golden adds a completely new character and a completely new epilogue, allowing people to really see the Scooby gang to the end.But I’m oldAnd I have been here for some time.So I’ll be kvetch.

Persona must change, man. I’m not a 16-year-old when P3P came out. I am older now, my views have changed to the world – hell, I came to the conclusion that Yukari is the best figure in S.E.E.S. And Junpei needs a shoe in the head. And although I do not think that persona must grow up with me, he needs better writing. And a man, playing this older person, whether it always seems stronger now when I am 32 years old. It hurts when a series that once had the slogan “Be True to Your Mind” goes by way “… so long when you dye your hair black when you are older and are content with what your parents tell you.” To suck it is to watch a series in which women such as the eternally optimistic Maya or tortured Ulala are satisfied with the fact that Ann revolves around deciding how she wants to be seen … just to be persuaded to be persuaded to model naked with her (and You can’t stand on her side in this matter). It sucks that women in Atlus had to fight for Femc as she was (only so that she would be erased from the series until they decide to let her back from Persona Q2).

If and when we get Person 6, I want to see the dark frame Urban Fantasy Persona 2. I want to see the stylization of modern Persona games mixed with elderly writing.I want the female cast to be heroines, not just dating options (attention for Atlus: hire a writer who was friends with women).And for God’s sake, never gay panic jokes again?It was terribly W’06, it didn’t improve.

Apart from this … I miss S.E.E.S.I miss Mitsuru, not knowing what the hamburger is, I miss Akihiko, who barely keeps him at the shinjiro, I miss the rap of Lotus Juice.It will be nice to go back to these games, even if I grew out of them.

… Besides, Persona Femc should be Eurydyka, not a long -haired Orpheus, because why the hell do you use the only character from the myth of the Orpheus that you no longer use?

As a side note, complaining: man, I love the graphics they created to celebrate this set.This is a remake of the old promotional graphics of Persona 3, with Thanatos hovering over Minato, Junpei and Yukari;Here Arsene hovers over Akira, Yu (because I prefer Yu Narukami from Souja Seta) and Minato and Minako, while he is surrounded by Izanami and Thanatos.The old blue color scheme from Perse 3 has been replaced by a layered appearance, thanks to which each of them has the right yellow, reds and blue with appropriate games and their color schemes.It’s damn good fan service.I know that I spent several paragraphs complaining about bad writing Hashino, but this poster really ignites the flame of the old fandom.

Set the date.January 19, 2023. See you at Gamestop.I will be an annoying guy demanding the return of Maya, Tatsuo and Marek.Filemon sent me to the hell.

Let’s summarize some quick curiosities:

When I was working on the Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Royale R Jojo review, I was curious why Risotto Nero was not a playable figure when he was Ghiaccio.It turns out that CyberConnect2 took this into account: Risotto Nero was announced as DLC for the game!We are looking forward to information about future DLC characters for Jjbaasbr!Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the Battle Royale game created as a result of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, will be closed on January 11, 2023.She barely squeaked after a year of service.Marvelous revealed a set with fancy pants for a special edition of the Japanese Rune Factory 3, which is to be released until March 2023.DLC for a swimsuit.Do not be too jealous, people: Rune Factory 3 Special is also to be released in the US in 2023!

Ring-A-Ding-Ding, another week down.Things will definitely get wild along with the upcoming holidays.We are waiting for terrible news next week!Portland will also host Portland Retro Gaming Expo on October 14-16.Unfortunately, I will not participate in PRGE this year for many reasons, but I hope so!Hit me up on my twitter to make me feel bad if you guys find any tokusatsu stuff.I Hope You Guys Are EXCITED FOR IONO Revealing Her Favorite Pokémon!Or Maybe One of You Went to Twitchcon and Met a Vtuber.Or -Maybe you, Too, Miss When Mark Danced Crazy in Revelations: Persona.I look Forward to Hearing From You All!Be Good to Each Other, I’ll See You In Seven.

This Week in Games!Is Witten from Idyllic Portland by Jean-Karlo Lemus.When not collaboration with animenewsnetwork, Jean-Karlo Can Be Found Playing JRPGS, Eating Popcorn, Watching V-Tubers and Tokusatsu, and Trying as hard as he can to be as inconspicous as piesible on His Twitter