TIBW bleach will spend over 4 tracks, expected in total 52 episodes

BLEACH: THRAND YEAR BLOOD WAR will spend on four tracks, but there is a hook when it comes to the expected number of 52 episodes.

It was a long wait for Bleach’s very anticipated return;In fact, 10 years since we saw the ending of The Lost Agent in season 16.

The good news is that there are still many content of the anime Bleach, which we are waiting for, with the expected saga of a thousand -year blood war.until 2024

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming release schedule, including the number of episodes with which Bleach Bleach Tibw will be broadcast.

How many episodes will there be in Bleach Tibw?

Before the premiere of BLEACH: THRAND YEAR BLOOD WAR was confirmed on a special pre-post, via

Natalie comic book

that anime will be broadcast on four separate tracks.

Cour is a three -month program block, which most Western recipients associate with transmitting seasons, i.e. winter (January – March), spring (April – June), Summer (July – September) and autumn (October – December).

The main voice actor of Morita Masakazu was supposedly joked during the party that “it may pass another 10 years after the first course.”

Fortunately, the new Anime Bleacha should complete the new story arch will not take the whole decade, although the Anime News Network informs that there will be breaks between each course.

What a micbook

He informs that Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War will have a total of 52 episodes, of which 13 episodes will be broadcast in each field.

However, fans should remember that Hitc was unable to locate an accurate information post that confirmed the 52-episode broadcast, and many reports were simply connected with the main

Web page


Interestingly, Myanimelist also currently defines the total number of episodes as “unknown”, and Animegeek notes that “the number of episodes of Bleach 2022 has not yet been announced” from October 14

In each scenario, confirmation of the transmission in four fields means that the anime Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War will have from 48 to 52 episodes, according to the typical length of the season of 12-13 episodes.

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Damn, the second episode of Bleach Tybw was quite bloody.Was it so in the whole manga?It seems that I have something that I can wait for when my sets appear.

In addition, the closing song was really cool.

– Anthony (@Mradc)

October 17, 2022

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In an interview at Official

Bleach website

, the voice actors of Tomiko Oikas (Rukia Kutsuki) and Noriaki Sugyama (Uryu Ishida) shared their thoughts on the long -awaited return of the Anime series.

Orikasa told how: “I was really happy, but at the same time I was nervous and scared, whether I could play the role of Rukia in” Sennen Kessen-Hen “.

“I am still dealing with these feelings even now, when we record,” explained an experienced voice actor.

“A few years ago I heard about this project, but I remember that I was really very happy when I heard about it.All members of the anime “Bleach” talked about how they wanted “Sennen Kessen Hen” to be part of the anime and how they wanted me to be involved.- Noriaki Sugiyama, through

Web page


Sugiyama then reveal how: “I am sad that I cannot share joy and happiness with other members of the lobby, waiting for the recording, as in the past.”

“When I recorded with Hatano-Kun, which plays Kajomaru (Hidetomo) and Seto (ASAMI) -san, who plays Shino (Ikarame), told me they are happy that they are in” Sennen Kessen Hen “.I always have a feeling of tension when I take on the challenge and this feeling tightened.Rukia also became a vice -paper, so I told her: “Let’s do everything in our power together!”- Tomiko Oikas, through Bleach



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In other messages, Bleach Tybw will spend over 4 tracks, a total of 52 episodes are expected