Tip on photography of the character from very own photographer Tom![#tomphotocon6]

Nowadays, smartphones and digital cameras are everywhere, which means that everyone can easily take pictures.If you are a fan of the character, it certainly had to be several times when you wanted to take cool photos of the characters to show them to your friends, publish in social media, and even take part in the competition-as the one that is just working (blinking).Well, it’s time for action because I am a photographer in Tokyo Otaku mode and I will show you a useful tip on photographing character!

A terrifying backlight … In fact, it can be an ally!

It had to happen to you from time to time: you are taking a group photo, but then you realize that the sun behind you is grossly bright, preventing you from seeing the face of you and your friends, so you need to change the way you look at.Here the sun acts as a light source in the illuminated photo.

When the camera has to deal with intense light, as in the case we have just described, it thinks that the object in the photo is brighter than in reality and makes everything darker.As a result, it can make people look dark.However, in the photograph of the character, the illuminated photos from the back look cooler in many cases.Without unnecessary ado I will explain how it works with a few of my own photos!

Front backlight

Coading light sources at the object is extremely tempting somewhere in front of it.

Here the light is directed at Gojo-Sensei from the right at an angle of 45 degrees.It is fine as a photo, but it also seems smooth and free of expression.The 3D character quality is missing.


On the other hand, taking a photo partially highlighted by directing the light source from the left at an angle of 45 degrees will emphasize the three -dimensionality of the character and give it drama.

The lighting used will depend on how you want your photo to come out, but I recommend using this semi-enlargement technique in the case of characters and other objects, food and so on.Look at product catalogs and catalogs, and you will find that in reality there are many photos that use half-light as a basis for their lighting.

What do you think?In the future I would like to present you all more useful tips that you can use even in our competition photos of silhouettes!The entrance is easy and you can send as many photos as you want until 23:59 October 31 (PDT), so what are you waiting for?!

This is the original article by T. Hary in Tokyo Otaku mode.