Toei has the highest cash year in history with 22 billion yen in 2022.

The previous record year of Toei is 2009.

Toei opened anime One Piece Film Red in Japan on August 6.The film sold a total of 11.69 million tickets, and earned a total amount of USD 16,247,220,400 (about USD 112.2 million) as at October 2.The film has become the best -selling and best -earning part of the series, both in terms of the number of tickets sold and earned yen for the ticket office.Anime is both the best -paid film anime of all time in Japan, as well as number one in history with the best -paid film in Japan.

Until September 30, the film earned 15.7 billion yen, which accounted for over 70% of the revenues from the sale of TOEI tickets in the first nine months of the year.Other films that have managed to doei so far this year is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.Toei will open the movie The First Slam Dunk on December 3, and the film Kamen Rider Geats X Revice Winter Movie 2022 December 23.

The year 2009 was previously the most profitable toei cash year when he recorded 17,980,254 340 yen (about USD 123 million).In the same year, the company also distributed the Piece Film Strong World, as well as films such as Tsurukidake: Ten Ki and Kamen Rider Decade/Samurai Sentai Shinker.




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