Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273: More jumps in time!Date of release and chart

Once again this week there will be more questions than answers.Well, this is a way to Tokyo Revengers, so to speak.And fans are well -oriented in the scheme in which the author arouses more and more suspicions in the minds of readers.In the last chapter, Shinichiro had to go through the same jump almost twice.So now Chapter 273 Tokyo Revengers will bring some explanation of this theory.Here’s everything you need to know about this chapter.

In the upcoming plot, fans will learn the nature of the next jump in time.In addition, there will certainly be many questions about the same.Therefore, fans must be prepared for a greater confusion thanks to this story.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273: What next?

The title and details of the plot of the next chapter have not yet been made available in public.The new trip showed that Shinichiro wanted to see an adult Mikey.And on the last time line, as soon as he embraced Haruchiyo’s hand, he returned to another time line.He quickly realized that it was 2003. Even in the case of alsomichi there were many irregularities in the way he passed from one axis of time to the other.

So Tokyo Revengers is expected that Chapter 273 will bring a new look at the table.It is certain that the handshake with someone is something that can initiate the process of jumping time.In this way, everyone learns all the ways of the jumping process in time.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The title of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 272 was: “Over Again.”Shinichiro opened his eyes to the stage in which he saw that the whole incident repeated himself.Senju, Mikey and his brother were in the same situation that caused all troubles.Takeomi woke him up only to tell him that he took a nap.And soon he enjoyed his life with his brother again.Shinichiro was delighted knowing that he actually jumped in time.

And so he told himself that this time he would save Manjiro.But this time something completely different happened.Manjiro was the one who hit Haruchiyo.Shinichiro took his brother to the hospital so that he could apologize to the man.The chapter ended with another jump when Shinichiro was again in 2003.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273: Date of release

The new release date of the next chapter has been finalized.And the update shows that the chapter will not be at the break.The final release date of the chapter is October 12, 2022. Fans will be able to find all manga chapters only on the official Kodansha pages.Finally, look at The anime Daily to get all the updates of this here.