* Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275: Mikey vs.Takemichi begins!Date of issuing and chart details

It was a week when Tokyo Revengers finally brought some of the most advertised answers to the table.The last one can see that Mikey was still dictating the history of his past.When Shichiro returned to the man to see what he was doing, Kazutor took him as a stranger.As a result, Mikey got stuck in the curse of dark impulses.This story is just action and drama.So, not devoting too much time, here is everything you need to know about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275.

In the story below, Takemichi will be strong before everyone.And he wants Mikey to unload all his anger on him.Only in this way can you remove the curse of the old man.Will it be a man himself?Only time will give answers!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275: What will happen next?

SPOILERS AND DETAILS OF THE NEW CHAPTER DETAILS have not been made available in public.But fans are sure that this chapter will start and also end the fight between two leaders.From beginning to end, Mikey was facing a bow that he did not control.He explained, however, that it was the curse of killing the jumper in time put him in this condition.

So now Takemichi suggested to let all this.get angry at him.In this way, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275 will finally start the battle that everyone was waiting for.All heroes are ready to see what the size of Mikey’s anger is.And the fate of Takemichi is also something that interests fans!

Summary of the previous chapter!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 274 was opened on August 13, 2003.Shinichiro stood in a secluded street completely alone.It was obvious that he went to search for an old man who gave him the power to jump in time.But he found Keisuke in this place.The second man came from behind and hit him in the head.The attacker was no one other than Kazutor.But he saw that the man had died.

He still said that it was all Mikey’s fault.Mikey, from the present, explained that his dark impulses were the result of a curse he created by killing a jumper in time.He said it was the only reason why he pushed many friends.At the end of the chapter Takemichi said he should throw it all!Only in this way could he put an end to these dark impulses.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275: Date of release

The final date of the new chapter is Wednesday.At the time of writing this chapter, there is no special break in issuing this chapter.So Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275 will be released on October 26, 2022.Fans can catch all manga chapters only on the official pages of Kodansh.Finally, look at The anime Daily to get all updates only here.