Tonikaku Cawaii, chapter 206 (ending the story #tonikawa)

Cawaii Tonikaku, chapter 206

Tonikaku Kawaii recommend me to the moon 206

トニカク カワイイ 206

Summary/Synopsis spoiler:

Kaguya informs his adoptive parents and the emperor that drinking the potion will make them immortal.What’s more, normal mortal problems will not bother.In this way, all three would become part of Kaguya.Kaguya, however, informs the emperor that it will not be possible to meet again.Therefore, the emperor vow not drink the potion if he could never be with Kaguya.He calls him a traitor and solves.

The day before leaving, Kaguya promised her adoptive mother that a child would soon meet her.After Kaguya’s departure, Bamboo cutter died.His wife gave birth to a daughter named Hachiyo.Tsukasa’s father was lost for not destroying the potion, although no one knew what happened to the potion.

A few years later, the emperor died in an uprising against him.His things are burned, including several love letters.One of Kaguya said that she believed that one day they would be able to meet again.


And so we come to sadness but the known ending of the story of Kaguya in

Cawai Tonikaku, chapter 206


The end of the story about a bamboo knife

There were only 10 pages in

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 206

, but it didn’t seem shorter.In addition, Kaguya is slightly different here when she explains the benefits of drinking the potion by her closest people.As she described, immortality was a blessing, not a curse.She seemed not to understand why the emperor did not want to take the potion, even though he could never be with Kaguya.

Several interesting things happened in this chapter.I have to suspect that these will be future elements of the plot.The first is the wife of an older bamboo cutter who gives birth to a daughter named Hachiyo.I think this is a child who Kaguya prophesied.

The second was the coup d’état against the emperor.There was no explanation why this happened.Oddly enough, Hata-Sensei drew a picture of the shocked, general (without eyes) crowd reacting to it, without one kid who was fully fascinated.This kind seemed a bit ominous to me.

Finally, the emperor’s property was burned.I suspect that the letter in this chapter was the last letter of Kaguya, expressing her belief that they would be able to meet again someday.I hope that contemporary kaguya will fulfill this wish.

Final thoughts and conclusions

Let me summarize my review

Cawaii 206 tonikaku chapter

with several final thoughts.

Assuming that the letter in the Father’s collection comes from the emperor, I wonder who kept him.Kaguya is seen at the end.I wonder if Tsukasa, drinking the potion, brought Kaguya back.Either this or Kaguya is still reincarnated.


Chapter 206 Tonikaku Cawaii

It is an interesting, though sad ending

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