Top 10 Listen me! Interesting facts about Otome, Anime and Manga: Obey Me!Season 2 is now broadcast on Crunchyroll [review]

Listen to me!Key graphics, depicting 7 demons brothers.Photo source: @OBEYMEOFFICIAL1/Twitter

Listen to me!This is a mobile Otome game that focuses on a man (player) who was chosen as a student exchange in Rad (Royal Academy of Diavolo) – a school for demons.The exchange program includes sending two demons to the world of people and two demons to the kingdom of heaven.

Two people from the world of people and two beings from the Kingdom of Heaven also welcome.The player encounters seven demonic brothers, each of whom has his own unique personality.

1. Listen to me!Is it part or do we arrange a date?Otome games series

Obey Me application!Is it part of the general Shall We Date?NTT Solmare Corporation OTOM games series.Listen to me!He collected over 5 million downloads!Otome (Maiden Game) is a story -based video game directed to young women.The goal in Otome games is to develop a female character/main heroine of a romantic relationship (or relationship) with one of the male heroes.

2. Listen to me!The game inspires anime shorts

Listen to me!Key graphics of the anime season 2. Photo: @qooapp_en/twitter

Listen to me!Anime episodes are available for streaming on the official YouTube Obey Me!And you can watch them here:

Obey Me!Anime episode.

Listen to me!Seasons 1 and 2 (which currently release new episodes) can also be seen on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English inscriptions.Funiation also broadcast Obey Me!Season 1.

3. Who are the cast members?

Listen to me!Cast members are:

Kazuya Yamashita – Luciferhirotaka Kobayashi – Mammonsatoshi Kada – Lewiatan Shinya Sumi – Satanmure Ayme – Asmodeus Kyouhei Yaguchi – Belzebubsatoshi Oonishi – Belpher

4. Listen to me!inspires manga/comic

Listen to me!Visual key comic.Photo: Ntt Somare

On the trial website of the new MangaPlaza MangaPlaza Digital Platform Obey Me!Comic – a new manga based on the Obey Me romance simulator!One gentleman has started who rules them.Mangaplasa is a library of digital content for manga and Japanese publications in the United States.Mangaplasa will offer titles from Kodansha and original titles that have not yet been published in English.

Thanks to the subscription to mangaplas, you will have access to 10,000 creative works, which may include whole manga, individual chapters or pages.You will also be able to buy content individually.Mangaplasa plans to have Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, Chihayafuru and That Time and Got Reincarnated as Slime available in their roster.Mangaplas will contain a wide range of species such as romance, action adventure, comedy, drama, sci-fi/fantasy, and even titles for the LGBTQA+community.

The first two manga chapters were launched in Japanese on the Comic CMOA website, and later on the Mag Garden Kansai website.

You can read the free manga preview on the mangaplas website



Manga strictly follows the beginning of the game with one very interesting change – the heroine was turned into a charming sheep at the very beginning!To break the curse, she will have to fall in love with one of the demonic brothers and be kissed by them.

5. The player is the heroine of Isekai

The game begins when the player hears a ghostly voice calling for help: “Help me!I was closed by a demon and you are my only hope.Immediately after, the player is moved to the center of the courtroom in Devildom, where he meets the devilish handsome Diavolo – the future king of Devildom and chairman of the Council of the Council.

Character design for Lucifer.Photo:

Then Lucifer, avatar of pride and first -born brother presents himself and explains to the player that they were selected to participate in the exchange program and that they will receive specific tasks must complete.The goal of the exchange program is to strengthen Devildom relations with the human world and the heavenly kingdom.

Personally, my favorite is Lucifer because he is so cool, calm and composed.Lucifer also reveals that the player will stay in a place called the House of Municipality, which once was a house existing in the human world.Maybe a haunted house?

Designing the character Mammon.Photo source:

Lucifer’s brother, Mammon, avatar of greed and the second eldest brother was accused of being a player’s mentor.Mammon is considered a group of the group and loves money.Mammon has its wonderful moments thanks to being Tsundere.

6. Demonic powers do not affect the heroine

Character design for Asmodeus.Photo source:

Later, the player is presented to Asmodeus, the avatar of desire and the fourth eldest brother.Asmodeus asks the player if he looks into his eyes so that he can use his charm on him, but the player has a unique skill that is able to resist his charm.

Asmodeus is amazing.He is a narcissist and usually walks around, staring at his own reflection in a manual mirror.

Character design for Satan.Photo:

Then Satan, the fourth eldest brother and avatar of anger, are introduced.Satan is usually busy reading books of forbidden spells that have unexpected consequences.If you like nerdy, Satan is for you.

Character design for Beelzebub.Photo:

Later, Beelzebub appears, the sixth eldest brother, who is an avatar of gluttony.Problem number one Beelzebub is: “What’s for dinner?”You must be careful that this particular demon does not eat you!If you are a cook, you can simply be able to tame this demon.

Character design for Belphegor.Photo:

In the end you will be presented to the last two brothers – sleepy Belphegor and Otaku Lewiatan.If you give Belphegor a pillow, you will get it, and giving Leviathan the latest DVD from the Blu-ray anime, he will win his heart.As an anime Otaku, I know that Levi and I got along very well.

7. The heroine is given to a smartphone from the world of demons or D.D.D.

Character design for Lewiatan.Photo:

The player receives “D.D.D”, which is essentially the equivalent of a demon on a smartphone.Thanks to the device, you can call any of the demonic brothers or send them SMSs.The more often you interact with your brothers, your level of intimacy with them increases.Next to each of the brothers’ icons there is a number that represents your current level of intimacy with this brother.

Lucifer explains to the player that he will have to polish his soul to get the power of the Demona resistance.Demons like people with nice souls.Nice souls look like shiny jewels for demons.Demons use their wisdom and ability to capture the human soul.People will be tempted by demons, but demons will lose to a shiny, noble soul and run away.

8. The heroine receives the power of 7 demons

To start your tasks, click the “nightmare” icon.Nightmare is a magical book application, which is responsible for the Royal Library of Devildom.Demon cards will allow the player to use the power of seven demonic brothers!Memory cards contain a special magic sealed inside.At the beginning you can summon 10 cards for free, and each card represents a different demon with his own unique ability.

It ended with recalling the following cards: Lewiatan – the third born Otaku, Mammon – the second born, Lucifer – Student Council, Mammon – Mammon – Satan – Satan – Cynic Fourth Born, Asmodeusz – King of the Party, Belzebub – do you even raise?, Lucifer – Lucifer – Lucifer -A noble demon, leviatan – the infamous corridor, and Belphegor – a kid, tormenting seven.

Then click “tasks” that are shown on the map.On the map you will see the plot segments and battle segments.Your goal is to complete all segments.Click the flashing icon to start the battle.Use cards with the same attributes to help you win (this means you will want to match the symbols).

9. Batches are actually funny dance battles

If you win the “battle”, you can win the items.Check what the cost of PA (Stamina) will be in combat.You will choose 3 Demon Cards to fight.You can pair them with a glowing stick to increase your card status in the battle and choose a memory card to use a unique skill.The memory card will also increase the condition of the demon cards you use.

Then the battle begins.Did I mention that the battles are actually dance battles!When the chosen three demon brothers dance against three other demons, small hearts flow down the screen of the phone.You will want to touch your heart quickly to get extra points.If you manage incredibly well, you will enter “time of fever” and you will have to knock on stars to get extra points.You can also synchronize special skills to get a combination.

10. Raise your level of intimacy by stroking their hair or feeding demonic brothers

When the dance battle ends, you will meet an unexpected guest.To cut the demon’s hair, drag or touch their hair on your phone.This will raise your level of intimacy with this demon.You will also be able to give the demon a reward, so make sure you know what favorite food everyone likes to achieve the best results.

You also have a whip that you can use to punish your demons!Oh my!However, it is recommended not to punish them too much and reward them as much as they do well.You will be able to interact with your guest with a surprise three times.When you raise your level of intimacy, you will be able to unlock Devilgram stories.

Another nice feature is Devilgram – a popular social network in Devildom.You can click the brothers’ icons to read the stories on their individual channels.You will need story keys to unlock some stories.You can buy Keys Story at Akuzan or raise the rank of cards in Devil’s Tree and get them for free.

All in all, it is an incredibly addictive, fun and interesting game.It’s surprisingly complicated, considering that you just play on your phone.Each of the demons brothers has their own, interesting quirks of personalities that make everything very fun.Everyone is also incredibly handsome.Funny in this game is that you should not really choose only one demonic brother – you can romance with all seven demons at the same time!I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of otome games or an anime fan with inverted harem.

What do you think about Obey Me!Franchise?Do you like the Otome game?Do you like anime shorts?Did you like the manga?Let us know in the comments section below!