TOP 15+ of the strongest women in My Hero Acadekaren

(Last updated: October 11, 2022)

Most people know about the strongest women in “My Hero Acadekaren” from the Anime series, but who are these women and what makes them so powerful?Every woman has her unique strengths, quirks and skills that distinguish her from the rest.

There are many strong women in the manga and the anime series “My Hero Acadekaren”.In their lives they encountered many obstacles, but they never gave up.These women showed that they are able to be the best heroines that their schools can count on.

Below are the strongest women in My Hero Acadekaren, in the ranking:

15. Emi Fukukado

Your joke is another name of Emi Fukukado.Mrs. Joke is pro hero, but there is no rank.She is a second year teacher of class 2 in Ketsubus Academy.Her quirk allows her to immobilize the opponent with uncontrolled laughter, just like Somnambulist Midnight immobilizes opponents with smells that cause sleep.

Her quirk “explosion” made her goals laugh.Her laughter was so intense that the motor skills of the victims were dull, which made it easier to beat them.

14. Recreations

With anime my anime My Hero Acadekaren is a character that many people know.Introduced in the first season, she is a heroine and a celebrity.Her powers and history intrigued the fans of the series, leaning them to ask many questions about her.

With minds she is a beautiful, round woman with long blond hair arranged in curly curls at the front, with crazy curls, the back squeezed through a curved plate and golden eyes with vertically cut pupils.With minds she is a beautiful, round woman with long blond hair arranged in curly curls at the front, crazy curls at the back pressed by a curved plate and golden eyes with vertically cut pupils.

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ITSUKA KENDO is a student of U.A.High school and a member of the Kendo club.She is a first -year student, and her gift is called a “big fist”.A great fist, her quirks, allows her to enlarge both hands to a huge size, giving her strength significantly exceeding the strength of the average man.

During the second round of the joint training battle, she demonstrated her strength, easily crushing the tungsten Momo Yaoyoroz, the strongest metal in the world.

12. Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki is a secondary character in the Manga/Anime series My Hero Acadekaren, also known as Vine, and earlier Maria.She is a 1-B student and continues her career as Pro Hero.Quirk “Vine” Ibara allows her to manipulate her hair similar to vine, allowing her to move, stretch and detach them at will.

Its creepers can be teared with sufficient strength, and enough sunlight and water are needed to grow.The creepers are resistant to electricity, because the electric gusts of Kaminari Denki had no influence on it.

11. ERI

Eri, also known as Eri-chan, is the main figure of anime/manga.She is a young girl who has the ability to scroll and reverse the state of living beings.The gift of Eri “scrolling” allows her to undo the state of a living being, including withdrawing the age of a person and, as her father demonstrated, withdraw a person out of non -existence.

While saving Izuku is the first person who called her a gift, not a curse, which leads Eri to tears.Izuku’s sincere and sincere desire to see her happy again, made her like to like him, perceiving him as the figure of an older brother.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo

Yaoyorozu Momo is one of the main characters of the anime My Hero Acadekaren.For the first time he appears as a supporting figure, but later he becomes a key member of the U.A.Yaoyorosis is energetic and optimistic, and her quirks are “creation.”

Momo gifts allow it to create any inanimate object or material, if he understands its molecular structure.This is achieved by transforming her lipids and fat cells into its products, which means that calories are basically served as a raw material.

9. Setsuna Tokage

Lizard, also known as Setsuna Tokage.She is a 1-B student at U.A.Studies in high school to become pro hero.He observes the battlefield from a high observation point and conducts multidirectional attacks with his flying parts of the body thanks to his donation, a lizard tail manifold.

The unique gifts of Setsuny allow her to divide her body into fifty separate parts that can fly and be controlled remotely.It can also regenerate his body and rebuild the missing elements if they are unbeatable.

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8. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is the main antagonist of Manga/Anime My Hero Acadekaren.He is a member of the villain league and a member of the organization Vanguard Action Squad.He escapes as a suspicious in a series of bloody murders.

The Toga has already proved that she can withstand many waves of enemies, as evidenced by the fight with the interesting.The toga can finally use the gift of zero gravity, which finally stole the ucharus urarace.The forces of the trumpet would be sent by her in the blink of an eye.

7. Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado is one of Mha’s main characters.She, also known under the name of the hero “Nejire Chan”, attends U.A.High school and is a member of The Big 3. Her quirk “Wave Motion” gives her various superpowers, such as Nejire Hado using her quirks of Wave Motion to defeat two giant villains using Gring Wave.

Nejire, together with Mirio and Tamaki, is one of the U.A.The most powerful high school students, known as great 3. NEJIRE skills, like the skills of the second big three, can compete or exceed the skills of most pro heroes.

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6. Mt.Counter

Yu Takeyama, also known under the pseudonym Mount Lady or as Mt.Lady, is the main supporting character in the anime and manga My Hero Acadekaren.She is a professional heroine who began the hero’s career after graduating from the right academy of heroes.

She is very selfless, cautious and seriously approaches his work as a hero;Even in his form, the giant is afraid to cause damage to the city and carefully tries to prevent any losses in this form, which suggests that Mt.

5. Ryuko Tatsuma

Ryuko Tatsuma is the main character in the Anime/Mangi series My Hero Acadekaren, also known as Dragon Hero “Ryukyu”.Is former pro hero No. 9 and current Pro Hero No. 10.

The Dragon Ryuko allows her to transform into a large western dragon.This form provides her superhuman strength and endurance, as well as powerful jaws, claws and wings that allow her to fly.

4. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama is the main supporting character of the anime, also known as a hero with Raid R “.There is both Pro Hero and a teacher at U.A.High school, where he teaches the history of contemporary art of heroes.

Nemuri’s strangeness enabled her to sleep people nearby, emitting a dream from her body.Her gift was more effective in men than women.

3. Rumia Usagiyama

Rumia Usagiyama, also known as the rabbit hero “Mirko” or simply Mirko, is a character from the anime series My Hero Acadekaren.Rumia demonstrated incredible physical strength, easily overcoming several nomus and breaking the massive metal gate that guarded the secret laboratory of Kyudai Garaki.

She could temporarily paralyze some high-end noma and cut off their head.

2. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura is the main posthumous heroine of the series.It is probably extremely powerful, she deserves to be the hero No. 1 of his time, but she is weaker than all for one and all might.

One For All is an extremely powerful gift, but Nana Shimura was capable of many more.She also had a float, which allowed her to hang in the air.

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1. Cathleen Bate

Cathleen Bate, known as Star and Stripe, was a professional heroine of the United States of America.She was considered one of the most powerful women in the universe My Hero Acadekaren.After saving as a child by All Might, she was inspired to stay pro hero.

Cathleen’s Quirk was considered the most powerful.She could impose two rules on everything, if she could physically touch it and say its name.This gave her great freedom, which explains why the government was able to keep its rights in a strict secret.

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