Top 20 anime films with wolves in the ranking, according to IMDB

There are many anime series in which they appear


.However, there are only a few

anime films with wolves

, that’s why it’s hard to find them.But don’t worry, we’ve prepared a fantastic list

20 best anime movies with wolves

As of 2022, let’s start with the list that was argued based on them

IMDB Assessment.

20. Flight of the White Wolf

White wolf flight poster

White wolf flight

is a Japanese animated film directed by

Yosei Maeda.

This anime film was first released on April 28, 1990 in Japan.

The plot of this anime follows a young boy,


.He lives in a rural area

northern United States

on the farm.It presents great

Lasset’s struggle

for saving life


he raised from the puppy.

IMDB grades: 5.4

Duration: 1h 23m

Species: drama, adventure

Where to watch: Amazon

19. Luger code 1951

Luger Code 1951 poster

Luger Code 1951

This is one of

the best anime films with wolves

.He was directed by



and was released in 2015.

Tells the story

brilliant professor

which is highly qualified in the learning of all kinds


.Because of his

excellent knowledge

language, he was chosen by


Cryptoanalism Department

for encryption

Werewolf code

.However, he is not able to detect the language, and for this he needs

living werewolf.

IMDB grades: 5.8

Duration: 25 m

Species: action and fantasy

Where to watch: animeflix

18. Mass Effect: Lost receipt

Mass Effect-Plakat Paragon Lost

Mass Effect: Receipt Lost

This is a Japanese-American animated film.He was directed by



and written by

Henry Gilroy

.Follows mainly after James Vega, the leader

elite special forces.

He and his branch fights a few

mysterious species

, i.e. protect yours


.Stands a few


in running his team because he is the new leader of his branch.This

a good choice

to experience the battles between people and

foreign wolf.

IMDB grades: 5.8

Duration: 1h 24m

Species: science fiction, action

Where to watch: Amazon

17. Pokemon-Zorork: Master of Illusion

Pokemon-Zorork-Plakat Master of Illusion

This is one of the most popular anime films in

Pokemon series

.He was directed by

Kunihiko Yuyama

and was released in 2010.Focuses mainly on


, dark pokemon


and his amazing


and skills.

Zoroark can create a terrifying


that can haunt even the most ordinary


.It is also very difficult to catch


but whoever tries to do it will be trapped in his



IMDB grades: 6.0

Duration: 1h 36m

Species: adventure, fantasy

Where to watch: Amazon

16. Gekijoban Dobutsu no mori

Dobutsu’s gekijobana poster no mori

Gekijoban Dobutsu no mori

is one of

best animated films

for children and directed

Joji Shimura

.It is mainly based on video games

Animal Crossing

and presents the story of a young girl,



And is recently transferred to

> An animal village

filled with numerous animals such as


, elephants, eagles,


, monkeys,


and many others.Gradually began


With all of them and spent most of their time with them.

This movie is

beautifully animated

And he has a lot

A simple plot

which children consider very charming and interesting.

IMDB grades: 6.5

Duration: 1h 27m

Species: comedy and drama

Where to watch: Amazon

15. Dante’s hell: Animated Epos

Dante’s hell – an animated epic poster

Dante’s hell: epic animated

This is a great fight film directed by seven directors.It is mainly based on

Dante’s Inferno

, popular video game developed by

Visceral Games.


Amazing adventures

Dante, a powerful warrior who travels to various parts


.During his adventure he fights a few

powerful demons

and the monsters, some of which have

A look similar to the wolf


Because of his

Battle impeccability

with the king of hell,


, this film has become so popular among fans.I highly recommend watching it

amazing movie

and his experience

the most deadly battles.

IMDB grades: 6.5

Duration: 1h 28m

Species: Dark Fantasy

Where to watch: Amazon

14. Basar’s Sengoku: Last party

Sengoku Basar-Plakat Last party

This is the last film in the series and directed it

Kazuya Nomura.

This film shows the end

era of Sengoku

and focuses mainly on

Date Masamune


Sanadz Yukimura.

They were both

incredibly strong

and they had perfect

Sword authorities


.Even with their amazing skills they encounter difficulties in the fight against


.But they have to beat him to lead him


in own country.

IMDB grades: 6.5

Duration: 1h 34m

Species: action

Where to watch: Amazon

13. King of deer

King’s poster

Dear king

This is an excellent anime film directed by

Masashi Ando


Masayuki Miyaji

and was released in 2021.Presents stories


, soldier and


, a young girl who are the only surviving with

> Wild dog attack.

Their attack has spread

Black Wolf fever

, a deadly disease that kills everyone.After surviving the van and yuna attack

They fight

for surviving and facing many problems.

IMDB grades: 6.5

Duration: 1h 53m

Species: action, fantasy

Where to watch: Amazon

12. Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Pokemon-Plakat Lucario and the mystery of seagulls

This is one of

the best anime movies about Pokemon

Ever, directed by

Kunihiko Yuyama

and published in 2005.Focuses mainly on



Wolf pokening

And his amazing powers and abilities.


He can feel the aura and manipulate it in

maximum degree

your own will.In the whole film, he demonstrates his great strength, winning a few

Pokemon battles

with powerful pokemon.

IMDB grades: 6.8

Duration: 1h 43m

Species: adventure, fantasy

Where to watch: Amazon

11. FUSE: Memories of the Hunter

Fuse-Plakt Memories of the Hunter

FUSE: Memories of the Hunter

This is an anime folklore film directed by

Masayuki Miyaji

and produced by

TMS Entertainment.

This anime tells about a girl named


which comes to


with my brother on the mission of killing lonts.


these are hybrids




which devour the souls of others.

After killing Lonty they understand

Fuse feelings,

And their mission will be changed from that moment.

IMDB grades: 6.8

Duration: 1h 46m

Species: fantasy, historical

Where to see: Amazon

10. Call bell

Bell calling poster


This is one of

the best anime films with wolves

, especially for children.He was directed by

HATA masses

and was released in 1978.

Focuses mainly on

young lamb



who lives happily on the farm alongside his mother.One night, however, the farm is attacked by

A group of wolves

And during this process he loses his mother.

This is a great family movie anime that shows you an interesting and

shocking story


IMDB grades: 7.1

Duration: 47m

Species: adventure, fantasy, drama

Where to watch: crunchcharoll

9. Inuyasha film: Fire on the mystical island

Inuyasha-Plakat Fire Fire on Mystic Island

Fire on Mystic Island

This is the last movie

Inuyasha anime series

.He was directed by

Toshiya Shinohara

and published in 2004.

Describes history


and his friends and how he protects



four gods of war

.These gods were

incredibly powerful

And they had many mysterious powers.

Inuyasha also used his own

demonic features

to the highest extent and he showed some of his new ones

Powerful attacks.

IMDB grades: 7.2

Duration: 1h 29m

Species: adventure, fantasy

Where to watch: crunchcharoll

8. Shiroi Kiba White Fang Monogatari

Poster Shiroi Kiba White Fang Monogatari

Shiroi Kiba White Fang Monogatari

This is one of

classic anime films with wolves

, directed by

Soji Yoshikawa

.The action takes place on


in Iceland, where a young boy named


He lives with his father.

One day walking around

> Forest

, unfortunately he found

White Fang

, hybrid




.Due to your dream Fr.

having a dog

He brought him to his home and lived next to him.

This movie is

a good choice

to discover

boundless love






IMDB grades: 7.2

Duration: 1 hour13 min

Species: adventure, drama

Where to watch: Netflix

7. The Witcher: Wolf’s nightmare

Witcher-Koszmar Wolf poster

It is an animated film for adults, directed by


and written by

Beau Demayo.

It is also one of

the best anime movies on Netflix

and was released in 2021.

This film follows history


who became a poor boy

the famous Witcher

.In his journey to become a famous witcher, he hunts on

Many great monsters


However, when he tries to stand more


, he must face


from his past.In this movie


he is regarded as


due to your work involving hunting for monsters.

IMDB grades: 7.2

Duration: 1h 23m

Species: fantasy, adventure

Where to watch: Netflix

6. Inuyasha movie: Castle behind the mirror

Inuyasha-Plakat movie, a castle outside the mirror

Castle outside Looking Glass

This is the second anime movie from the series


He was also directed by

Toshiya Shinohara

and was released in 2002.

This film presents history



a boy in the type of wolf

who just wants to go back to his ordinary life.But


, a new character, appeared and began to create


for Inuyasha and his friends.

It shows us some of the perfect

> Fight sequences

that bind you to the end.

IMDB grades: 7.3

Duration: 1h 39m

Species: adventure, fantasy

Where to watch: crunchcharoll

5. Inuyasha Film 3: Swords of the Honorary Lord

Inuyasha 3-Plakat film with the swords of the honorary ruler

Honorable swords Ruler


the best movie

from the Inuyasha series, directed by

Toshiya Shinohara

.The main character of this film is


half a man, half a demon he has


fangs and ears.

In this film, Inuyasha works with his brother


to seal

Awakened father’s sword

.Has many amazing

shares sequence

that you will certainly like.

IMDB grades: 7.6

Duration: 1h 39m

Species: adventure and fantasy

Where to watch: crunchcharoll

4. Spirit in coating 2.0

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 poster

Ghost in the shell 2.0

This is a well -known fight film directed by

Mamoru Oshii.

This film is based on a manga with the same title by

Masamune Shirir


This anime tells about

Motoko kusanagi,

Leader of an unofficial cyborg unit.During his mission he meets several

mysterious species

And he fights them.Her

The ultimate reason

It is for all these missions


Master of Puppets,

unidentified hacker.

It contains a lot.

pistol fights



, which provide a great impression.

IMDB grades: 7.9

Duration: 1h 23m

Species: action

Where to watch: Amazon

3. Wolfwalkers

Wolfwalkers poster


He was directed by

Tomm Moore


Ross Stewart.

This film was first released in

International Film Festival in Toronto

(TIFF) in 2020

Tells the story

Robin Goodfellow

which recently moved to


next to his father.They needed a new place for their own


, that’s why they moved to Ireland.In Ireland

make friends

with a girl named


which turns into at night



After making friends with Mebh, they find a lot


connected with


and their final mission.

IMDB grades: 8.0

Duration: 1h 43m

Species: adventure, fantasy

Where to watch: Apple tv

2. Wolf children

Wolf’s poster children

Wolf children

This is one of

Anime’s largest films with wolves

, directed by

Mamoru Hosoda.

Presents the story of Hana, attractive

human lady

who falls in love with


And he marries him.

After sudden


her husband, she raised her two semi -human

semi-star children

.This film shows

unlimited love

mother and child, although they belong to various species such as



Personally, I recommend watching this beautiful movie with my mother and child at once.

IMDB grades: 8.1

Duration: 1 hour57 min

Species: fantasy, drama

Where to watch: crunchcharoll

1. Princess Mononoke

Poster with Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke

This is one of

the best anime films with wolves

, directed by



.This film presents history

young prince

, Ashitaki, who fights with several monsters to save his village.

He lives alongside his own

huge white wolf

Camo, which has divine power and


.Later in the movie ON and Moro they set off in


to find a cure for


to save their village from monsters.

This is

great choice

To discover power

the god of the wolf

and survive his perfect


with monsters.

IMDB grades: 8.4

Duration: 2 hours14 min

Species: Action, historical, fantasy

Where to watch: Netflix


We “I will finish this article, discussing everyone


Anime from the list.This

amazing list

It was created by a connection

IMDB ratings

(2022) I

The popularity of fans.

Each movie contains different


> and

fantastic story

that will please you.

Do small things with great love.

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