Top 5 anime to watch in Halloween when you don’t like horror

Like me, you really like Halloween and you want to feel the spirit of things thanks to the anime on the right subject.Or maybe, like me, you are a coward who does not want to spend the next month sleeping with the lights on!Who am I cheating on?There is no way to fall asleep!

So what are you doing then?How can you watch the right anime for Halloween with friends, and also not live in fear?

Well, I have you with me!Here are some great anime, which easily match the spirit of Halloween, but even I could sit without hiding my eyes … a lot!By the way, if this list does not do it for you, I also review a few appropriate anime for Halloween, which are not as terrifying as Call of the Night and one other that I do not intend to exchange because I do not want to spoil it!

This may strain the meaning of Halloween, but we dress-up darling concerns costumes.Doing them, folding them together, matching makeup!And even if you are already adults, what is Halloween without good costumes?Just a party where everyone gives you sweets … Wait a while, it also sounds pretty good.

The fact is that if you arrange a Halloween party and choose us dress-up daring as a group watch, at least one person thinks that it does not match.But I guarantee that it will not bring you nightmares and this is a nice program to watch, so why not go to it?

We enter the spirit of Christmas with Gugur!Kokkkuri-san.The game or ritual, from which the name anime comes from, is a way to ask questions to ghosts, a bit like an ouija, so there is already a strong supernatural element, and the series is full of ghosts (Youkai) and hanging humor.

However, humor is an operational term here.Gugur!Kokkkuri-san is definitely a comedy and every episode tries to make you laugh, even a few.There is no way that anyone can consider these bastards terrifying!

Continuing the topic of Yokai, we have a kamisama kiss.Unlike previous entries, Kamisama-Kiss sometimes has a dangerous atmosphere.It’s rare, but he sneaks into the scenes here and there.And this makes it particularly well suited to a Halloween watch.

This does not mean, however, that you will hide under the covers.Kamisama-Pałneć is primarily a romantic comedy, and occasional tense scenes are either undermined humor or solved peacefully.At the end of the day you will fall in love with ghosts instead of running away from them!

Shadows House is probably the most disturbing entry on this list.But it’s not terrifying.Sometimes it is tense and there is a strong atmosphere of mystery over everything, but nothing that could be described as a horror.

The shadows and mystery of the house themselves create this somewhat ghostly atmosphere, which is perfect for Halloween.The program just looks like a part.And to be honest, I think the Halloween party in the Shadows House style with decorations that look like home and people dressed up as Shadows and Faces would be a great hit.I would definitely like to participate.Even if you didn’t watch the program, it would be great!

Honestly, I had a lot of anime to choose from vampires.At one point I just started watching them all and most of them would fit this list.Vampires are one of the most classic Halloween monsters and costumes.

To be honest, I chose the Vanitas case study because I think he is the best of this group and definitely my favorite.If nothing more, you have Murr in it!

You have everything you need for a real Halloween watch.Of course, there are vampires, but also great beasts and crazy scientists conducting experiments on people, unexplained deaths and supernatural powers confronting each other, where poor ordinary mortals have no chance.Besides, he is full of dumps.Each single character in this series is a huge, nice idiot.You can’t be afraid of these guys, you just want to pat them on your head.And the series looks beautiful.You know what, even if it’s not Halloween, just watch the Vanitas case study, it’s a good time!

And you have it, 5 anime, which you can put on on Halloween and you are still waking up refreshed on November 1!

Did I miss a good one?I was thinking about placing Black Butler there, but I came to the conclusion that everyone already knew about it.