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Every two weeks we offer a manga selection to read and discover among the upcoming editions!

Like all forms of media,

Manga is a good way to learn about emotions and ideas

that people attach to some of our most popular devices for telling stories.This is really not a substitute for “reading books”, as you could agree with comics, albums and magazines.Nevertheless, the manga is

valuable introduction to narrative approaches

found in various manga species, such as Seinen, Shōjo or Shōnen.

Maybe every manga or anime fan will be difficult to find a good role series among all offered by publishers.One of the best methods of discovering new things is to consult people around you or read carefully.

Our best manga recommendations

.Every two weeks we offer a manga selection to read and discover among the upcoming editions!

Deep 3 T01 and T02 in mangtsu – edition on October 19, 2022.

The first two volumes of Deep 3 will be published on October 19 by Mangetsu.

We start with very, but really very heavy.Young Mangtsuwho publishing house, in particular, signs the French version

AO Ashi Playmaker

, seems to be determined to enter the big leagues!This fall, he continues his sporty momentum and allows us to discover a new title, long -awaited

Deep 3

!Note for sports enthusiasts, especially basketball:

This manga is just for you

!We are immersed with Dakarenn, a young Japanese high school student, a basketball player whose dream is to join a very selected NBO (National Basketball Organization)!A busy and talented Dakarenn has everything to shine.At least until he broke Achilles.A serious injury that will cause a young man, an incurable disease that causes cramps and involuntary muscle tremor during physical exertion.However, Dakarenn does not move:

He will play NBO, shouts or not!

Why do we love

Deep 3?

In it’s time


he marked us.Then Takehiko Inoue offered us


, manga about the basketball of disabled people.Today the duo of artists, Ryôsuke Tobimatsu and Mitsuhiro Mizuno, amazes us

Deep 3

and invisible disability.But the duo not only deals with this topic, but also deals with strong topics, such as integration of mixed breed or foreigners, especially Africans, in Japan.Staging the main character of Métis,

Deep 3

He strongly hits our prejudices and encourages us to think about what our passions can really represent for us.Do we live in our passions until giving everything?This novelty from Mangtsu is a breath of fresh air and makes us want to get up and fight.

Deep 3 is not only the history of the parquet and basketball, it is above all checking if we are really in harmony with each other.

Nekogahara T02 in Pika edition – released on October 19, 2022

Volume 2 Nekogahary will be available on October 19.

You definitely know

King of shaman

?Did you know that its author, Hiroyuki Takei, released a short series in 2015?Is it


, whose first volume was published in August by Pika Edition.The story immerses us in a feudal Japan devastated by domestic wars, in which cats are anthropomorphic creatures.Some serve people, others are wanderers.Among them, Chamurai Norachiyo wanders without a master in search of a place to die.But the road will not be easy for this warrior who will find a past on his way, which he thought she was forgotten.

Why do we love Nekogahara?

Although he has only five volumes,


It promises to be a fairly intense series.There is no time to lose when the main character is simply looking for a place where he could die.The series can boast of the fact that it is quite dark, because apart from the era of violence, she also emphasizes its excesses related to the hierarchy of society or drugs.


It is to be a criticism of society, which, although the ages have passed, has not really changed.

Choujin X T01 in Glénat – released on October 26, 2022

The first volume Chujin X will be released on October 26.

Tokyo Ghoul

Does it appeal to you?Certainly because the series is one of the seinen species.This month, his author returns with a new title published since 2021 in Japan:

Choujin X

.This time the story is not content with questioning the concept of good and evil when it no longer corresponds to the social norm.Goes far beyond that.Indeed, in

Choujin X

, people can naturally or artificially become choujines, creatures with human appearance (or almost) with powers.No wonder some use it for selfish purposes, while others help the weak.

Why do we love

Chujin X?

Do you know the situation of Franklin D. Roosevelt? “Where there is great power, there is a great responsibility.»?It reminds her what her uncle told Peter Parker in Marvel


.Well, this is exactly a common thread in history

Choujin X

.Although we end with a new kind with superheroes, this manga prompts us to admit that good and evil are not as binary as we would like to believe.These are perceptions that differ depending on the paradigm we use to observe them.By definition, we believe that having power is necessarily associated with helping others, but

Choujin X

He rightly asks the question:

Are we obliged to help others when we are in a better situation?

Reincarnation as a sword T01 and T02 in Ototo – released on October 28, 2022

The first two volumes of Reincarnated AS A Sword will be released on October 28, 2022.

October 28 Manga

resurrected as a sword

He will join our Mang libraries.This novelty Ototo is a particularly popular Isekai adapted from a light novel of the same name.Anime is also underway, whose broadcast began on October 5.For those who do not know what Isekai is, this is a story in which a character after death or other event is transferred to another fantasy world.The most famous Isekai is undoubtedly

Re: zero


Mushoku Tersei – unemployed reincarnation


Sword Art Online


Why do we love

Rebirth as a sword?

Unlike usually, the main character

It is reborn as a sword

He is not reborn in a child or overwhelmed being, but a sword!Although he manages to develop his skills, he finally got stuck.He will be released by Fran, a child of animals and a slave.So everyone will go to the adventure.

Reincarnation as a sword

It is not a simple adventure, but rather the story of two lonely beings who finally find themselves.We see that the professor, the sword, behaves more and more like a dad of a hen in relation to Fran, which makes our duo very endearing.In the first two volumes, the universe is slowly preparing and we see how two characters try to find their location.

Reincarnation as a sword

This is Isekai, which should be followed carefully, because although we have only the first two volumes for now, the opponents are already quite hard.