TPMP: Jerremstar will soon appear in the program?He speaks in cash, follow us

At TPMP Cyril Hanoun and his publicists invite people to connect with messages.Jerremstar would like to talk about the program.

Jerremstar is a well -known television blogger.In particular, he conducted several interviews with candidates for a small screen in his bathtub.The young man was very popular at the time.However, a few years ago, the Jerremstargate case

She destroyed his life

.Indeed, Jerremstar was accused by another blogger of having sex with minors.At the beginning of this year he was cleaned in this matter.Unfortunately, because of this story, many people turned away from this influencer.

Jerremstar in particular lost his position in the program of Thierry Ardisson on C8.A few days ago, the blogger published a new book entitled Save from social media, in which he talks about his fight in the Jerremargate case, but also about the cyberbullying he experienced.Jerremstar also confided in: “The media first put me in the dock, but when I was cleared of all the allegations, and even convicted people who spoke nonsense about me and made false complaints against me, so there was no one.”The Jerremargate case was repeatedly discussed in the Touch Pas à Mon Poste program.A blogger would now like to give him the right to answer.

Jerremstar wants to express himself on the set of TPMP

Cyril Hanouna chroniclers

They were not kind

For a blogger, when they raised the Jerremstargate case.Jerremstar also confided: “I hope that I will get the right to answer and that I will be able to comment on his program at the same time as my business was settled.”The young man has no animosia to

Cyril Hanoun

.However, he would like to tell about this affair that turned his life upside down.The blogger feels ready to defend against Touche columnists not in my post.It will only turn out whether Cyril Hanoun will react to his request.