TPMP: “She must be in prison”, Cyril is shocked by the fact that the alleged murderer of Lola may not be judged

In the TPMP newspaper of October 18, 2022, Cyril Hanoun expressed his anger in connection with the murder of Lola.He can’t imagine that the alleged murderer could not be judged.

Friday, October 14, Little Lola is found dead in a trunk.

A teenager at the age of 12 caused her parents to concern on her, who did not see how she returned home from school.Being the caretakers of the building, they decide to watch CCTV cameras.Then they see their daughter entering the building with a mysterious young woman.Then they decide to go to the police station to report the disappearance of Lola.

Very quickly the girl’s body finds a homeless man who finds her in the trunk.

A few hours later, the sister of one of the tenants of the building was arrested and imprisoned.

A disgusting story that plunged France in great sadness.On Tuesday, October 18 at TPMP, Cyril Hanoun spoke about it with many emotions.And anger quickly took control.There are two things that have challenged Cyril Hanoun and columnists Touche Pas à Mon Poste.

The first concerns the court’s decision, whose alleged murderer did not respect before taking action.

Cyril Hanouna informs that 3 years have passed since she should leave the territory.For him, as for Matthieu Delormeau, there is a large system defect with laws that are not used.

“There is no debate”

Cyril Hanoun

He came out of the hinges when he raised the possibility that the alleged murderer could not be judged.

If psychiatrists ever diagnose a psychological problem with her, there will be no process.

And for Cyril Hanouna this is the worst decision that can be made.He even adds:

“Crazy or not, she must be in prison and not be treated.There is no debate.»

Cyril Hanoun then confronted Gilles Verdez, who is in favor of applying the right to a letter, but he wants the alleged murderer to be closed for life, whether in prison or in a psychiatric hospital.It is said then that in “France we do not judge madmen.”