Trailer of the movie Lonely Castle in the Mirror reveals more cast, a theme song

The official website of the Anime Film Mizuki Tsujimura Lonely Castle in the Mirror (Kagami no Kojō) began the broadcast of the new film trailer on Friday.The trailer reveals and announces the movie song “Merry-Go-Round” Yūri, and also reveals more cast members.A new graphics for the film also appeared on the site.

New cast members include (according to the movement of the clock guidelines from the upper left corner in the picture above) Akiiko Yajima, Karen Miyama, Ayak Yoshimura and Anji Ikehat.

The film will be opened in Japan on December 23.

Ami Tōma voices in the form of Kokoro, after interrogating to the role.

Other cast members are: (upper government, from left to right in the picture above)

Sakura Kiryu as Aki, a cool and gathered figure of an older sister for everyone Takumi Kitamura as Rion, a footballer who easily gets along with all Aoi Miyazaki as Kitajima-Sensei, a good-natured teacher at the alternative school of Rihito Itagaki as a subaru, who seems to show a detached way of life(Lower government, from left to right in the picture above) Naho Yokomizo as a fūka, a girl who lived for the piano from childhood Minami Takayama as Masamune, a player with a sense of sarcastic humor of Yuuki Kaji as ureshino, a boy who goes with his own pace and easily falls in lovein Kumiko ASO as a mother Kokoro

DoubleDay published a novel in English in April 2021 and describes the story:

In a quiet district of Tokyo, seven teenagers wake up in their bedrooms shine mirrors.

At one touch, they are led out of a lonely life to a wonderful castle filled with winding stairs, watchful portraits and flickering chanders.In this new sanctuary they are confronted with a set of tips leading to a hidden room in which one of them will receive a wish.But there is a hook: if they do not leave the castle until the fifth, they will be punished.

Over time, the crushing truth emerges: only those who are brave enough to share their stories will be saved.

Tsujimura published an original novel in Japan in 2017.She won the Japan Booksellers’award 2018 award, was at the top of the book list of the Da Vinci magazine in 2017 and won the main prize at King’s Brunch Book 2017. Erewhon will publish a hard English edition of the novel on October 18.

Tsujimura’s anime supremacy!(Haken anime!) Also inspired the upcoming adaptation of the acting film, which premiered on May 20.Vertical published a novel in English in October 2017.

Tsujimura wrote a story to the manga Naoshi Arakawa “School in time”, which Vertical published in English.Tsujimura also wrote a script for the film Anime Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration in 2019.

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