“Trigun Stampede” Another noise reboot anime with wild west concept art

It seems that the noise around Trigun Stampede is not over yet.Although this anime restarting is still far from its debut.How else to explain this new concept graphics?

Ye golde new west?

One could never say that this place was something other than the Wild West.



For Trigun Stampede, he recently published this new conceptual graphics, probably as another attempt to tune up the upcoming anime with restarting.As you can see above, the aforementioned concept graphics are really strongly based on the entire Western topic of anime.In fact, it is even difficult to say that this anime takes place in the science-fiction scenery on the planet Gunsmoke.Conceptual graphics depicts a dusty desert city with a visible bar in the middle, as well as a hotel on the left.Both buildings look as if they have seen better times, and these better days are very, very far behind them.When you have both buildings with crooked signs, you know they require maintenance.Badly.

In the background of this concept graphics Trigun Stampede behind the hotel there is something that seems to be a piece of science fiction technique.But mostly it looks more like a scene straight from a movie about the wild west in the southwest of America.Even Sombrero hats worn by a few random passers -by.Heck, the only thing that is missing is cacti and maybe some weeds.Everything else is perfect.

Unfortunately, it will take some time before we see how this anime will restart to its ideals from the Wild West.As you can see in concept graphics, Trigun Stampeded still has a release window set for some time in


.At this point, it can be anywhere from January to December, so the only thing we can do is hope that someone from the officials will explain it at some point.Return to THS much later to get a narrow distribution window when we do it.


Still the only trailer we have so far, a partner.

Trigun Stampede is the upcoming reboot of the Anime Trigun from 1998, which in itself was an adaptation of the post -apocalyptic space of Western action

Mangi series of the same name

by Yasuhiro Nightowa (Gungrave, Blood Blockade Battlefront).Orange (Land of the Lustrous, Beastars, Godzilla Singular Point) is an animation studio this time instead of Madhouse (Death Note, Paprika, One-Punch Man, season 1).Kenji Mutō is the director of this anime, and Kōji Tajima is a conceptual designer.Unfortunately, this is the whole production staff we know so far.Finally, Crunchyroll grants a license to restart the anime for a possible release on.

And what is Trigun Stampede about?Unfortunately, we still have no official summary of this anime.However, we have one for the original anime from 1998 from Crunchyroll.Check it below:

“Vash the Stampede is a sought -after gunslinger who has the habit of turning entire cities into rubble.His path of destruction reaches through the wasteland of the desert planet.Oddly enough, there is no proof that he has ever taken his life for such infamous outlaw.In fact, he is a pacifist who is more stupid than desperate.There is definitely a lot more in Vash than his reputation allows. ”

You can catch up in the original Trigun anime at Crunchyroll or


.Unfortunately, both anime streaming services blocked anime for a new, shiny dam.To watch this anime, you now have to pay cash on a premium account.