Uniqlo releases the One Piece Film Red Ut collection on October 27

The Japanese Seller Uniqlo announced that on October 27, 2022, he will launch the market in the United States. One Piece Film Red Ut.It will coincide with the release in North America One Piece red film on November 4, 2022.

The latest UT collection will be introduced in cooperation with Toei Animation and Crunchyroll.It will be available all over the world, but the release dates will vary depending on the region.

The collection includes four different colors for each T -shirt, with action scenes with various characters from the anime movie.One project presents Monkey D. Luffy performing its characteristic attack, Gum Red Hawk gum, on a black T -shirt, dressed in a completely new outfit, which he wears in the upcoming film.The second project shows the Shanks Red Hair Pirates Jolly Roger flag with the names of Red Hair Pirates printed on a red T -shirt.

The next project contains a special illustration of Shanks, a well -known leader of ruddow -haired pirates, giving Luffy his characteristic straw hat.The fourth design of the T -shirt presents the composition of straw members of hats with the iconic words “I will be … king of pirates !!”.

Uniqlo will also offer an exclusive gift in the form of a sheet of stickers when buying these shirts in stores in the United States and in your online store.The heroes of the film in the T -shirts from the UT collection in combination with Uniqlo pants will appear on the sticker.The sticker set will only be available for limited time, while stocks last.

Each adult shirt in four designs will cost $ 19.90 before tax.

One Piece Film Red commemorates the 25th anniversary of the long series of anime and manga Eiiichirou Ode.The film was directed by Goro Taniguchi, who took part in various large -scale marketing promotions at New York Comic Con 2022 and Times Square.

Crunchyroll describes the film summary as:

Uta – the most beloved singer in the world.Known for hiding her own identity during performances, her voice was described as “out of this world”.Now, for the first time in the history of UTA, it will reveal himself to the world live.When the room is filled with all kinds of fans of UTA – excited pirates, watching carefully to the Navy and straw hats led by Luffy, who simply came to enjoy his voiced performance – the voice that the whole world was waiting for is immediately resounded.The story begins with the shocking fact that she is the daughter of Shanks.

Source: Press information