“Unjust cruelty”: this star of James Bond, who brutally fights Netflix

The historical star of the saga about James Bond does not support bad treatment of the royal family and therefore brutally fights with Netflix.Explains.

On November 9, just two months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, Netflix will broadcast (already) the fifth fifth season of The Crown.Exit a bit too hurried for the taste of the British government, in particular for the former prime minister John Major, who criticized this “harmful and malicious fiction.”The penultimate season The Crown will show events that shaken Buckingham’s balance in the 1990s: a broadly publicized divorce of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, but also the tragic death of the latter, a vague event that drives more crazy theories than others .. Other to this day.

If there is a British who is not satisfied with the arrival of the fifth season of The Crown, it is Judi Dench.The actress who played in Saga James Bond, attacks the series of Peter Morgan (queen) in an open letter addressed to Times: “The closer the drama is approaching our times, the more he seems to be ready to freely blur the boundaries between historical accuracy and primitive sensation.Dench also brutally fights Netflix, which according to her should specify before each episode that the series shows a fictitious relationship with historical events.Considering some painful suggestions, which are seemingly included in the new season […] It is both cruelly unfair to those interested and harmful to the institution they represent.Nobody believes in artistic freedom more than I do, but it can’t remain unquestioned.»

Why Netflix refuses to add a reservation to The Crown

Oliver Dowden also does not understand why Netflix is reluctant to add a disclaimer to The Crown for “avoiding that some viewers who have not experienced these events can confuse fiction with reality.”He even submitted an application in November 2020, when he was the secretary of the state for digitization, culture, media and sport.


He made contact then, arguing through the spokesperson that “his subscribers understand that this is a fiction largely based on historical events.”The platform added: Therefore, we do not intend – and we do not see the need – add reservations.»