Urusei Yatsura 02 (2022) (Curse and gift #uruseiyatsura)

うる星やつら odcinek 02 (2002)

Recenzja Urusei Yatsura 02 (2022)

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Lum is all over Atar when he is in the classroom, wanting to know.After kissing him, Shinob is crazy and buries ataru under the pile of desks.That evening at home, Lum tries to apologize, but he strikes him with his enthusiasm.Ataru escapes, but thanks to the television program he discovers that his disguise is already known.He runs away from the restaurant with Ramen to fall on a woman on the street.

The woman complains of chest pains, she doesn’t like when Ataru comes to her, but at the same time she seems to be desirable … The woman takes him to her home to expel Atar’s bad luck.There, Ataru discovers that a woman’s name is Sakura, and her mother resembles Cherry.Sakura begins exorcism, but her trouble increases.Then Horda Youkai appears, surrounding ataru.Suddenly Sakura is cured and has to get rid of Youkai.

After leaving the hospital, Atar goes to Cherry to complain that Lum is still electricting him.Later, one of Atar’s friends (Megane, nameless) visits him at home with a gift from Cherry.This is a ribbon that will take away Lum powers.Ataru gives him a happy Lum.However, when Lum goes to show the ribbon, it falls out of the Atar window, powerless.

Lum tries to shock a guy (Chibi), but he fails.Ataru and Megane then watch and stand on the side of Lum.Shinobu appears, so Lum decides to score points for her.When Ataru stops Shinob from taking Lum’s ribbon, Shinobu beats Ataru and goes away.That evening, Ataru and Lum are annoyed that Chibi and Megane are around.

Lum learns the truth about the ribbon and attacks Ataru.He is forced to remove him and is electricted.


I have to say, I liked the version

Urusei Yatsura 02 from 2022

much more than me or part 1 episode 5 og and part 1 episode 7. OG

Introduce Sakura

You know, I laughed quite strongly at the beginning

Urusei Yatsura 02

when Ataru escaped and hid in the Ramen store.He did it in the fifth episode of OG, but there it was a very banal, cartoon experience.In the version from 2022, everything is mostly rooted in reality, without ataru antics, but even there was not as banal as before.

In addition, Ataru meets Sakura immediately after that.There is no crowd of chasing Atar.Ataru is not forced to wear Sakura.These two do not end in the forest, followed by a long journey up the stairs to the temple.Instead, Ataru helps Sakura when he returns home.Her house is more traditional in a residential district.And while Sakura retained her power Miko in the current version, she felt more real again as a character.

In the history of the anime, things end with the ataric dumplings filled with Youkai.However, in the 2022 version, Sakura sends all Youkai packaging, only to make a grim reaper and put Ataru in the hospital.I laughed so hard that it was unexpected.

One more attention-in the anime OG Sakura turns to Cherry as “cherry-ohisan”.Here he turns to him as Ojiue, which is much more formal.

Dar Ataru for Lum

Second story in

Urusei Yatsura 02

It was adapted in the first part of the 7th episode of the anime og.Although the story is the same, its story is completely different.First of all, Lum does not go to an empty plot to fall into depression.Instead, he is looking for consolation with Atar when he appears on the street.So when Shinobu finds them, it makes more sense.He is on his way to Atar’s house with baked goods for him, just to find Luma.

Then Ataru defended Lum against Shinob attack.This moment is in the OG episode, but here it has a much greater impact.From a perspective, Luma is the second nice thing that Ataru did for her that day.She has no idea that the ribbon that Atar gave her, stops her powers.On the one hand, it’s sad, but on the other I liked that Lum is happy.

The end of episode 2022 is another huge change that says the same.Lum feels much more aggressive, getting rid of Megane and Chibi.She even threw volume 3

Maison Ikkoku

towards them, which made me a mention.

In addition, in the anime OG, Atara accidentally releases the ribbon.In the 2022 version, it does not do this, and Lum resorts to physical violence, beating Ataru.It forces him to take a photo of the ribbon, which seemed more real to me again.I am more than happy that I can go this way!

Final thoughts and shock

Let me summarize my review

Urusei Yatsura 02

with several final thoughts.

Kotatsu Neko will debut in this episode.I forgot that Sakura’s mother and sister Cherry appear in this series.I don’t remember much of the adaptation of anime og.Megane and Chibi are similar, but they differ in this episode.I was informed that they do not have such a large presence in the source manga.And to be honest, if they are not very present in the anime from 2022, I will be fine.In this episode, Lum is much more appealing than before.In anime, it was easier for me to see why Lum annoyed Ataru in the early episodes.Here, when I was a teenager, I don’t think I could resist her courtship.😅 No ten channels!


Urusei Yatsura 02

He was a really funny and funny episode that entertained me much more than an episode of OG.

on your own side.