US army officer: Kazuki Takahashi, creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga, died trying to save the victims of Riptide

Major of the US Army Robert Bourgeau, a diving instructor, tried to save an 11-year-old girl, her mother and American.A soldier who was imprisoned in a current tearing about 100 meters from Brzeg on July 4.Bourgeau did not know that Takahashi tried to help him in a rescue operation.

Bourgeau said that Takahashi entered the water during a rescue operation, but during this trial he did not see Takahashi.Diving students from Bourgeau, with whom he met just after 14:00.That day I caught Takahashi’s flashes until he disappeared under the waves.

The Japanese coastal guard found Takahashi’s body equipped with diving equipment two days later, on July 6, about 300 meters (about 1000 feet) at sea in Awa, a city of naked in Okinawa.

A spokesman for the Japanese Coast Guard refused to confirm that Takahashi actually participated in an attempt to save, but several statements of sworn witnesses provided by the army described his actions in detail that day.Takahashi’s autopsy also showed that he died of drowning and that there are no traces of the unclean game.

Bourgeau was recognized by the American army for saving three people.His command nominated him in September to a soldier’s medal, which honors acts of heroism not related to the actual conflict with the enemy.Bourgeau said that Takahashi is a hero and that “he died trying to save someone else.”

Yu-Gi-Oh Takahashi!Manga operated on Weekly Shonen Jump from 1996 to 2004.Manga initiated an international series of hits, which continues to this day with card games, anime, toys and newer manga series.Takuhashi won the Comic-Con International’s Inkpot Award in July 2015.The award is awarded to people for an outstanding contribution to comics, science fiction and fantasy, film, television, animation and fandom.

Takuhashi also drew the manga The Comiq, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the SHONEN JUMP weekly Shueisha magazine in 2018.Viz Media published the manga digitally.Takahashi drew the Secret Reverse Marvel Comics manga, which was also published by VIZ Media.


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(Matthew M. Burke)