Uzaki-chan anime joins forces with the largest Japanese e-sports park

The series also launches the Tiktok account

Uzaki is great in every respect.Kadokawa announced on Saturday that Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω, the second season Zakaki-chan wants to meet!Anime, will organize a timely limited promotional event at Red ° Tokyo Tower, an e-sports park inside Tokyo Tower.A logic game, a place to take photos and new goods and drinks will take place in the facility.

The merch and photo store will be on the 4th floor, and the drink store will be available on the 5th floor.The logic game covers floors from 3 to 5, but only the customers of the gadget store can play it, who bring the receipt.Participants receive one random postcard from three selected ones.

The event will last from October 14 to 30.The Red ° online store will also sell gadgets related to an online event in Japan from October 14

In others related to Zakaki-chan messages, anime launched official on Saturday


Tiktok.Films with a voice cast appeared on the account, which tries to dance to the opening song “Ichigo Ichie Celebration” (holiday once in a lifetime).

The CD with the opening and ending theme will be released on November 30.Kadokawa presented an illustration of the anime version depicting the sticker on the album:

The premiere of the anime took place on Saturday.

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