Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!Double Episode No. 04

This is Hana Zaki, where she is in a great mood today after the episode from last week, especially when she learned about her romantic fortune of Shinichi Sakurai.

Unfortunately, she did not make her movement after this revelation, because Zakaki-chan could not even have the courage to confess his feelings of Sakurai-Sempai.

Until Itsuhito Sakaki told the rough truth about Sakurai, because he is actually quite popular among clients who have already gone through his mean behavior.I mean, he is a nice guy after all and everyone loves him!

This also applies to Ami Asai, who loves Shinichi’s muscular body, although he tries to deny it.Yes, Hana Zaki has some competition, so she can’t be sure that her affair with senior will flourish without further actions.

Well, it seems that Zakaki-chan will have to reveal his muscle fetish, showing Ami asai belly of Sakaki.I wonder if he can resist them-

Ah, it doesn’t matter, she basically stares at the subdued abdominal muscles of Itsuhito Sakaki.It seems that Ami Asai cannot face Shinichi Sakurai at this point, because she can be called a rotten girl.

Speaking of Sakurai, he finally reached a cafe where Shinichi wants to check his classmates if they are all right.

Of course, he will return to his apartment to play video games and maybe invite Zaki-chan to joint action.

Oh yes, here Ami Asai where she is too shy to face Sakurai because of her muscle fetish.

But she still sucks that Uzaki’s love for Sakurai did not start because of her hesitation.Not only that, but various women are slightly interested in Shinichi.You will learn about it much later.

Now here Shinichi Sakurai, where he went to the Uzaka residence to take cooking lessons at Tsuki Zaki.This time he learns to make croquettes.

Although he is not a champion yet when it comes to cooking at home, Sakurai is an easy student because he takes Tsuki’s teachings to the heart.

Of course, Tsuki-San is very cautious about Shinichi Sakuraia, where he can fall in love with him.I mean, Tsuki-San still can’t resist his charm.

Regardless, it seems that he managed to make croquettes himself, although it looks like Shinichi Sakurai becomes a little friendly from Tsuki Zaki, especially when he turns to Hana’s mother by name.

In that case, Zakaki-chan will have to take action as soon as possible, otherwise some sexy beauty may come in and take her Sakurai-Sempai.

In any case, see you next time and I wish her good luck in the pursuit of romanticism.Relationship with her senior … unless Uzaki-chan returns to the status quo!