Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Season 2 anime reveals the cast of English Dubu, October 15 premiere

Morgan Lauré directs the English Dub with Christopher Wehkamp and Brittany Lauda as directors of directors.Caitlin Kyle “Lin” is the main engineer for ADR, and Austin Sisk is an engineer’s assistant.Rawly Pickens is a mix engineer.The producer of Dub is Christoper R. Sabat.Brittany Lauda is a line manufacturer and talent coordinator.Bryson Baugus is responsible for the preparation of ADR.Y. Chang and Meli Grant write an English script.

The title of the second season is Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω (Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Ω), with “Ω” pronounced as “double”.

The MKLNTIC virtual group YouTuber Singers perform the ending song “Happy Life”.Kano and Zakaki-chan (under the voice of her voice actress Naomi ōzora) return to perform a new opening song “Ichigro Ichie Celebration” (holiday once in a lifetime).

One of the directors of the episodes of the first season, Shin’ichi Fukumoto, is now an assistant to the director of the second season.In the new season, Masahiko Suzuki and Shinpei Koikawa join Kurihara’s Manab as the main animation directors.Satoshi ōkubo is both a new artistic director and an artist of the scenery.Haruko Nobori and Yūsuke Yamamoto are respectively new artists dealing with key colors and responsible for the composition.Incs toientter Co., Ltd.joins zuvo.for sound production.Satoshi Igarashi is now musically working with Tatsuya Yano, Yuri Morita and Naoki cheap (Hano).

Kazuya Miura (Kemono Michi: Rise Up, Dramatical Murder) directed the first season of the anime in Enga (Kemono Michi: Rise Up).Takashi Aoshima (Yuruyuri-Happy Go Lily Both seasons, Himouto! Dead, Survival Game Club!) Supervised the scripts of the series, and Manab Kurihara (Kemono Michi: Kemono Michi: Character’s subordinate design) designed the characters.

Seven Seas gives the manga in English and describes the story:

The only wish for Sakurai Shinichi is some peace and quiet.But Hana’s Zakaki – his noisy, well -equipped subclass – has other plans.All he wants to spend time and make fun of him.With the help of her crisp charm and energetic perseverance, this can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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