Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Season 2 – Episode 4

Has anyone else had the impression that this episode is very finish?There is something in side forms commenting on the romantic course of our two main characters, which just hit me, and I don’t know why.It is really impressive, as I was so tuned with Ami, in particular that when she was to shout at the grounds for her passivity, I sat with her on the edge of my seat.Although I think the pace is a bit free, I like that we had the right continuation of the emotional development of the main couple from last week.We get a better contextualization of the Zaki approach to the whole matter and finally under her ass a small fire ignites about why this may require a change.

Uzaki and Sakurai seemed to react differently when they were pushed in their face that they would be a good couple.Sakurai finally pushed it away, because he did not seem to make the Uzaka too much affected, while Zaki seemed to think about it to such an extent that she was deluding that there was nothing to worry about.Despite her attitude, she is terrified that she can oppose his pride and be the one that will make movements on Sakurai, so she uses this discovery as an excuse, why nothing has to change.In her mind, Sakurai likes her and that’s why they spend so much time with each other, so of course things will develop as they are.However, this is the definition of taking things for granted, and if the Uzaki is too confident, it will simply allow the opportunities to slip.

I have never been a big fan of these irritating programs, but when I devote time to watching them, I like moments when they are in a sense revealed and broken when this attitude or dynamics of relationships comes from. Then, when this dynamics is questioned by external forcesOr circumstances, it depends on this form whether he will react, because she probably put herself in the narrative management position.The episode ends with a different configuration of this situation: Sakurai calls Uzaki’s mother by name to make the case easier, but this clearly bothers Uzaki, because she was not called by name until then.It is a bit convenient that this happens when the grounds are thinking about these things, but I am curious how it will be solved.I just hope that the series will not go back in this way to maintain the status quo.


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