Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Season 2 reveals the English cast of dub and the release date of October 15

The gigantic streaming of Crunchyroll announced on October 12, 2022 that

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!

The English Dub season 2 will appear on the platform on October 15, 2022.

The cast members of the English version of the anime were also revealed.

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!

Season 2 dubbing cast includes:

Monica Rial as Hana Zakakirco Fajardo as Shinichi Sakurai (with the voice of David Matranga matching episode 1) Jad Saxon as Ami Asaikent Williams as akihiko asaiterri regarding the Tsuki Zakakidaman Mills as Narratrości Tarsha as Itsuhito Sakaki

The involved staff includes:

ADR Director: Morgan Laure Assistant ADR Director: Christopher Wehkamp, Brittany Lauda Główny engineer ADR: Caitlin “Lin” Kyleassistant Engineer: Austin SKN SKN MIX Engineer: Rawly Pickens Manufacturer: Christopher R. Sabat Manufacturer of line and talent coordinator: Brittany LaudaPreparation for ADR: Bryson Baugus Scenario: Y. Chang, Meli Grant

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Season 2 began in Japan on October 1, 2022.

Earlier it was announced that Kano and Zakaki-chan Va Naomi Ozara would return to perform a new song OP “Ichigro Ichie Celebration” (once in A-Lifetime Celebration).

The newly announced cast members are:

Miki ITR as Haruko Sakurai (Mother of Shinichi) Tomokazu Sugit as Shirо̄ Sakurai (Father Shinichi)

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Season 2

Other cast members are:

Kenji Akabane as Shinichi Sakurainaomi ōzora as Hana Uzaki, Kanoayana Taketatsu as Ami Asaihideo Ishikawa as Fujio Zakisaori hayamiayōzakiast akimoto as akihiko asaiyuko sanpei as Kiri Zaki

The team consists of:

Director: Kazuya Miuraseria Composition: Takashi Aoshimamuska: Naoki Cafe (Hano), Satoshi Igarashi (Tokyo Logic), Tatsuya Mora Yano, Yuri Original creator: Takecharacter Projekt: Manab Kurihara Artistic director: Satoshi ōkubochief or director: Manab Kurihara, Masahiko Suzuki, Suzuki, Masahiko,Sound Koikawareżer: Yasunori Ebinareżer Image: Yūsuke Yamamotoopva Graphic: Satoshi ōkoreżer Auxiliary: Shinichi Fukumotoprojekt Color: Haruko Noboriedycja: Rina Koschi (Imagica EMS: KoEEAKASUPTAGA Sound: Op.Op)

The second season will be entitled ”

Uzaki-chan wants to spend time Ω

“.The symbol Ω is finally pronounced as “double”.

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!


Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Take.It is served on the Niconico Seiga Dr. Dr. Sharp website since December 2017 and collected in eight volumes of Tankōbon by Fujimi Shobo since March 2022. In North America, Manga has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Anime Adaptation of the Engga TV series broadcast from July to September 2020.



I want to meet!is described as:

Hana Zaki is excited about the discovery that she attends the same university as her high school colleague, Shinichi Sakurai.However, after a year of watching him simply lazing, he concludes that he became a loner.He decides to spend as much time as possible with Shinichim, believing that he is an introvert or intimidation, which is not cool and unacceptable.Starting his project so that Shinichi can lead a fun lifestyle, Hana follows him like an annoying pest.Will Shinichi ever make him understand that he prefers to do things alone or will he be conquered by Hana’s crazy charm?

Source: Crunchyroll