Uzaki-chan wants to meet!The release date of English Dub Season 2, cast and staff disclosed by Crunchyroll

The red sports complex Tokyo Tower X Zakaki-chan wants to meet!Collab special illustration.Photo source: @anytube21

On October 12, 2022, Crunchyroll revealed that Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω The release date of the English cast, cast and staff.

English Dub Zaki-chan wants to meet!Season 2, episode 1, will premiere on October 15, 2022!

Who are Uzaki-chan who want to meet!Members of the English cast of season 2?

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Members of the dubbing cast of the season 2 are:

Monica Rial (Alice in veterans will be sent!)-Hana Zakirirco Fajardo (Taiju in Dr. Stone)-Shinichi Sakurai (with the help of David Matranga matching the tone of the voice of Ricco) Jad Saxon (Chika in Kaguya-Sama: love is War Season 4)- Ami Asaikent Williams (Noi in Lucyfer and Biscuit Hammer) – Akihiko Asaiterri about (Kyoko in interviews with Monster Girls) – Tsuki Zakakidaman Mills (Goriki in Odtxi) – Narratroratornazeh Tarsha (Kamioka in Horimiya) – ITSUHITO SAKAI

You can watch the latest trailer of the movie Zakaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!Ω HERE:

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω Season 2 trailer.

Who are the members of the production team?

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω Members of the production team of the season 2 are:

Adr director (Automated dialog replacement) – Morgan Laureassistant ADR director – Christopher Wehkamp, Brittany Laudalead Engineer ADR – Caitlin “Lin” Kyleassistant Engineer – Austin Siskmix engineer – Rawly Pickensproducer – Christopher R. Sabatline ProducerBryson Baugusada English Script – Y. Chang, Meli Grant

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω key graphics of the season 2. Source of the photo: Crunchyroll

What is the story of Zakaki-chan wants to meet?

The story focuses on a young Japanese named Hana Uzaka, who is delighted with the discovery that her high school friend, Shinichi Sakurai, will attend the same university as she.However, after he is carefully watching him, he is discouraged that he became such a loser.For his own good, Zaki decides to take Shinichi under his wings.He plans to spend as much time as possible with him so that he can stop being an introvert and stop being “intimidating” for his classmates.

Although all the Uzaki wants, Shinichi would experience a funny life in college.However, from Shinichi’s perspective, Zaki became the annoying pest, which follows him and makes his life unhappy with her teasing.Will Shinichi ever be able to convince her that he actually likes his “lonely lifestyle” or will he be conquered by Uzaki’s crazy charm?

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω key visualization.Photo source: @zakakichan_asobi/twitter

Where can I read the manga and watch the anime?

On December 1, 2017, Zakaki-chan wants to meet!That he would start serialization via the Niconico Seiga Dr. Dr. Sharp website, and the manga chapters were collected in eight volumes of Tankobon.The English version of the manga has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment to publish in North America.

From July 10 to September 25, 2020, the 12-episode series was broadcast in AT-X and other channels in Japan.On July 3, 2020, Funiation announced that it had purchased a series and will be streaming on its website in North America and the British Isles and on Animelab in Australia and New Zealand.On September 10, 2020, Funiation announced that the anime will get English Dub.Thanks to the acquisition of Crunchyroll by Sony, the series is now available to streaming.

Uzaki-chan wants to meet!The Japanese version of the second season with English inscriptions is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.Uzaki-chan wants to meet!Ω the premiere of the second season in AT-X and ABC TV took place on October 1, 2022 in Japan and is simulated by Crunchyroll.

Kano and Naomi Ozora, as her heroine, Hana Zaki, will perform as a topic opening the song “Ichigo Ichi Celebration”.The final theme song “Happy Life” is performed by the Virtual Singers Team YouTuber MklNTIC.

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