Uzaki-chan wants to spend some time episode 4: Why is the Uzaki nervous?Release date and plot details!

In the queue to the premiere, this week is episode 4. Zakaki-chan Wants to Hang Out.This is an episode that will see MC in a new light.In the whole story, we saw her only working on earth and planning for her friends.But now, when everyone finally went to the festival, she doesn’t like it.The last episode did not explain the reason for this.But the new one will certainly give us answers.Not devoting much time, here is everything you need to know about the latest episode.

In the next episode, fans can expect that they will see what disturbed the Uzaka.Maybe this overwhelming crowd causes her bad feeling.It will be interesting to see how history changes from that moment!

Uzaki-chan wants to meet, episode 4: What next?

The title of the next episode Zakaki-chan will be “Zakaki-chan was Maunto Toritai!”In the episode we will look at what is happening in the festival world.So the meaning of this title is: “I want Uzaka Chan to spend free time.”For the first time we will see that Zaki is the one who is not interested in spending time.That’s why her friends will come to comfort her.

There must be a specific reason why she tires her so much during this journey.There were no such moments when these people would not be interested in spending time together.In this way he will sit with friends and discuss the problem with which he is struggling with.Will they like this time traveling time?Only time will answer!

Summary of the previous episode!

The title of the third episode Zakaki-chan was “Do you want to go to the school festival?The episode began with the start of the student festival.Sasaki was the one who convinced Hana and Shinichi that they should join the festival.They went to the stand of the occult club to find out what the future of all team members will be.But they didn’t play as well as the first day.

Shinichi’s mood was disturbed when she learned that her future was full of obstacles.So there was a lot of chaos at the festival.Later, Hana decided that she wanted to stop Shinichi for herself.However, before we found out what the answer would be, the episode was over.

Uzaki-chan wants to meet, episode 4: release date

Uzaki and her eccentric fun will continue to bomb fans with laughter this week.So the episode will come out in the next two days.The final release date of the 4th episode Zakaki-chan Wants to Hang Out is October 22, 2022. Fans will be able to see all episodes only on the official pages of Cruncharoll.Therefore, keep an eye on The anime Daily to get all the information only here.